Sunday, March 12, 2017

Duncan Hunter Townhall in Ramona, CA--Liberals Say the Funniest Things! (Videos)

My friends tried to tell me--but I was prepared for this to happen.

I drove two hours to Ramona, CA to meet Congressman Duncan Hunter and demand some answers on what is going on in Washington:

1. Repeal Obamacare. Don't fix it.

2. Enforce our immigration laws. No amnesty.

3. Tax reform, now -- lower the corporate tax rate, and get rid of the IRS.

4. How could you have misused your campaign dollars?

Of course, by the time I showed up, the line was so long that there was no way in heaven that I was going to get in.

But it was A-OK.

I got to talk to some funny liberals with their boring signs talking about:

1. Save the ACA.

2. Protect Planned Parenthood

3. Defend the EPA

Blah, Blah Blah.

Most of the liberal loonies were more interested in mocking me.

Some tried to answer me, then ran away when I confronted them with inconvenient truth.

After I crossed over to a park nearby, there were some people who were willing to listen to me, even if they had no intention of agreeing with me.

Check out the videos below:

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  1. I just received this comment:

    "You have such talent as an interviewer, videographer, etc. You are so learned about ALL THINGS POLITICAL. I am so glad I met you at the end ---that is me in red hat at my car in photo below. Did you take this photo? It was sent to me by my SanDiego patriot friends Claire from Poway & Roger from SD. The Beach Cities GOP is SO LUCKY TO HAVE YOU – CALIF. IS LUCKY TO HAVE YOU……….I’m curious, what do you do for a living? You should be on TV (conservative stuff, of course)
    Anyway, THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO………

    "Suellen Shea……… ‘old bag’ from Vista & longtime patriot & rallier for our country."