Sunday, March 5, 2017

Alan Garcia, Cuda-Hater from ... South Gate? He's an OUTSIDER, too!

Alan Garcia has been a special project for We the People Rising.

He believes that anyone who supports the rule of law and security along our Southern borders is somehow a racist or should be run out of town.

He also works for Chris Garcia, the same klepotcrat following the same sordid footsteps of George Perez, the controversial city manager who pretty much controlled every political aspect of the City of Cudahy ... until the FBI arrested three city officials and forced a new election in 2013.

Anyway ...

One of the biggest charges which Alan "Shut Up, Arthur" Garcia levels at We the People Rising and anti-illegal immigration activists is that we do not live in the city of Cudahy, and therefore we have no business protesting the sanctuary city policy.

But, guess what?

Garcia does not live in Cudahy, either!

He lives in South Gate, folks!

That makes him an ... OUTSIDER, too!


But that's OK, calling out hypocrisy among raging leftists is just too much fun--in large part because its all too easy, like shooting fish in a barrel of monkeys!

And just for added fun, I sent Little Alan a note that everyone is watching him hurt the communities he claims to care about:

It's time to stand up to and fight back against bullies full of hate who have to hide behind megaphones and mobs to make a point.

Check out his preliminary comments in February, 2016:

Barely a year letter, he relied on the same "child" refrain:

Garcia also called me a "professional agitator" then "a child."

He is very confused!

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  1. I feel sorry for you Arthur. God bless your soul.