Thursday, December 1, 2016

Why I Welcome Jeff Sessions as Attorney General

From Janet West of "We The People Rising":

This Politico story has great news for us and is a must read. According to this story, Sen. Sessions as Attorney General, will have a massive amount of power to end this travesty that has been our illegal
immigration system.

He will be able to:

1)  Launch federal investigations into what he perceives as discrimination against U.S. citizens caused by immigration,

2)  Find ways to choke off funding to sanctuary cities

3)  Through oversight of the immigration courts, speed up the process by appointing more judges who agree with him (they will be career DOJ attorneys who would be hired under Sessions guidelines).

4)  Exert control through the Board of Immigration Appeals which is comprised of 17 members who are appointed by the Attorney General and can write decisions which set a broad precedent.

5)  Single-handedly take on a case in the immigration courts himself if he disagrees with a judge's ruling and then Session's judgement would become binding unless a Federal Court intervenes. Sessions can literally write opinions that have the force of law and interpret federal
immigration law.

6)  Set the guidelines for the types of violations federal prosecutors should pursue. For example, he may ramp up enforcement of a current ban on employers hiring those who are here illegally. From the story: '“If the employer provision is enforced and the news gets out that the Justice Department is finally enforcing that provision … that will lead to large numbers of individuals self-deporting,” said von Spakovsky, now a senior legal fellow at the conservative Heritage Foundation."

7)  Lead investigations himself into H1B visa abuses.

8)  Oversee the Office of Solicitor General which regularly takes up immigration cases before the Supreme Court

9)  Oversee the Federal Bureau of Prisons and work in tandem with the Department of Homeland Security to ensure that immigrants here illegally would be deported immediately after serving time.

The refugee program wasn't mentioned in this story but I believe it is largely controlled by the president and President Trump will be able to stop it.

This is the best Christmas present I could ever hope for!!!

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