Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Trent Larson: Populism is Conservatism for the Living

Last week, I wrote that Populism is the New Conservatism.

Trent Larson of Hermosa Beach, a two-time Republican candidate for city council, offered the following opinion on this article:

Conservatism for the Living

Conservatism is migrating and evolving. Old faithful intellectual leaders like George Will witnessed the disheartening deflation of freedoms spirit and stagnation of economic growth. Heads in the unconnected cumulonimbus cloud NeverTrump GOP elite are blinded by self-inflicted intolerant philosophical altruism foisted upon themselves. 

Dedication to principle without something practical to demonstrate it--makes a conservative very ineffective.

Economic growth will roar back into life and soar when Americans--not foreign workers--start working again.

New populist conservative Donald Trump pumps supplemented oxygenated blood into our democracy by prescriptively advocating building and producing products and jobs for the betterment of American workers. Profound emphasis on executing deliverable priorities that are actionable, targeted & designed to produce immediate beneficial results. Turning inward to heal our divides through productive works is the new gold standard.

The American worker had long been neglected.

As long as corporate interests wanted cheap labor--at any costs-American workers and the populace as a whole would pay the cost.

That is wrong. Ronald Reagan did not have to deal with these challenges.

A global economy forces the United States to ensure that our free market principles are respected, and that our government looks out for the national interest of all Americans.

Made in America stickers stamped loud and proud on products is back in the saddle again. Rosie the Riveter made over for the workplace symbolizes reengineering and rebuilding of America both public and private. Proletariat individuals whose spirit filled pulsing hearts of passion and love are fueled by freedoms earthly rewards are blessed and guided by heavens angels. 

I am not to keen on the word "proletariat" -- to Communistic.

Men and women are not defined by how much they make or where they work. Our country should  not look down on men and women who engage in manual trades like plumbing and welding, as well as social media and intellectual property and technology.

An economy depends on much more than college training.

Objective in logic, offering workable solutions simultaneously shaking off the stigmatized labels falsely sprayed. Skunky duplicitous images and viral verbiage smeared shamefully at cognitive mapping need not apply. Like Taylor Swift says “Shake it Off”. Trump wants his brand to live forever. His path to victory lies in the success of his policies and his ability to lead. My hope is that we surpass expectations and win again as one Nation united for the improvement of the living and future generations.

Trent Larson Hermosa Beach

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