Friday, December 23, 2016

God Bless Donald Trump, and OCC Prof Olga Cox: You're Fired!

RNC Committeeman Shawn Steel took on the representation of the Orange Coast College Republicans.

Did the OCC Republicans commit a crime? Actually, no, unless being a conservative and standing up to university bullies constitutes a crime ...

The truth is that Dr. Olga Perez Stable Cox was exposed on national television for engaging in an anti-Trump rant shorty after the election. She then shamed students in the classroom who had voted for Trump. She went so far as to allege that Trump supporters are terrorists because they voted for the candidate. She also called President-elect Trump a white supremacist.

Here is the video of her remarks:

Here is an interview with two other students in the class, who exposed the bully tactics of this left-wing instructor:

The teachers union which represents the arrogant, abusive professor claims that the university does not treat students like fragile creatures.

But colleges are replete with safe spaces and free speech zones. Colleges are shutting down debate on serious issues, and preventing students from discussing matters in a serious fashion.

Professors are losing their tenure because they protect freedom of speech, too! This is outrageous. It's all a double standard, in which professors and their left-wing supporters can say whatever they want to, but anyone who disagrees with them has to be silent or be shamed into silence.

What did RNC Committeeman Shawn Steel have to say about the bullying instructor Olga Stable-Cox

Here is the article from the Orange County Register, written by Steel:

Should Orange County students be publicly shamed by their professor and forced to disclose their political beliefs?

Not at all. That is a non-sequitur..

This month, College Republicans at Orange Coast College raised that question by posting video of psychology professor Olga Perez Stable Cox in an extended post-election tirade attacking Donald Trump, Mike Pence and Orange County.

“We have been assaulted; it’s an act of terrorism,” Cox said of Trump’s election, who she considers a “white supremacist.”

This is libel to its core. Donald Trump has hired men and women of diverse ethnic backgrounds into his business, into his corporate world. He has helped millions of people. Unlike the instructors in California's public education system.

If Cox’s political commentary seems out-of-place in a human sexuality course, just wait for her assessment of the community that pays her $162,000 every year in taxpayer-funded salary and benefits.

Yes. Anyone can find out this information on

“Living in Orange County is scary when you know you’re surrounded by so many people that are so hateful,” Cox told her captive audience of psychology students.

She actually said this about Orange County residents. She apparently forgets that there are Democrats and Republicans in Orange County, and that for the first time in 80 years, Orange County went blue, although by the slightest of margins.

Her extremist statements unrelated to the course material, coupled with her disdain for our community, are reason enough for concern. But, it’s what happened next that clearly crossed the line from offensive to inexcusable.

After her political rant against Trump and Orange County, students say that Cox demanded Trump supporters stand and publicly identify themselves.

Notice that she "demanded" it. This is bullying and public shaming at its core. She might as well have demanded that the students wear dunce caps, have them tied up, then parade them around the school campus, just like in Maoist China.

“She tried to get everyone who voted for Donald Trump to stand up and show the rest of the class who to watch out for and protect yourself from,” Tanner Webb, a 21-year-old student from Huntington Beach told the Register.

There is one word of such hateful behavior: discrimination.

Such behavior is inexcusable. Professors have a responsibility to present controversial topics on their subject matters and inspire critical thinking within a classroom. That can’t happen when a professor spews hateful rhetoric and bullies students into disclosing their political affiliations. By isolating a group of students as threats, Cox jeopardized the safety of the Trump supporters. Let’s not forget that professors are in positions of power — with the ability to determine a student’s grade and, in turn, academic future.

That word "responsibility" is particularly telling. Progressives never take responsibility for the false statements they make or the hateful actions they take. They smear and slam their political opponents, even when what they speak or write is false or libelous. They resort to raw power to shame people into silence or to remove opponents from speaking entirely.

The concept of being responsible for one's words and deeds ... that is a foreign language to leftists entire. But it's time they learned that they have to answer for their behavior. I appreciate the Committeeman stating the apparent (just about anything that media overlooks): She was spewing hateful rhetoric. She was bullying students from her position of power, in that she could scale down or fail students for arbitrary reasons if they did not comply with or accommodate her noxious views.

In response to the incident, Cox’s labor union — the Coast Federation of Educators, AFT Local 1911 — attacked the student for making an unauthorized recording in a classroom. Citing an obscure Education Code, the union has led the charge for disciplining the student — with talk of possible expulsion.

More bullying. These maneuvers define how labor unions operate. They are conceived in force and conflict, defining themselves on fundamentally flawed principles. Then they seek to silence or remove anyone who challenges their mythical hagiography.

Only in the morally fluid, post-modern world of modern academia can a student be bullied by their professor, then threatened with expulsion for recording the incident.

Today’s college students have a weapon the Free Speech Movement of the 1960s never had: the ability to record. Those recordings of professorial intimidation and indoctrination have the power to break what Register contributor and Chapman University professor Joel Kotkin describes as progressive “social control and the consolidation of a cognitively determined world order.”

Thankfully, Orange Coast College students are resisting this academic intimidation. College Republicans have used social media to share their videos.

If there are to be substantial reforms for advancing free speech and intellectual diversity, those changes should begin at Orange Coast College. It’s time that our community — yes, the same people who Perez Stable Cox finds so “scary” — join their effort to resist the daily indoctrination by far-left extremists.

Amen to all of them above.

Bullies have no place in the classroom, especially at the front of the class.

Shawn Steel, a former chairman of the California Republican Party, is the California national committeeman on the Republican National Committee and an attorney who is representing Orange Coast College Republicans.

Final Reflection

For the past three weeks, I have received cheers and taunts for wearing my "Make America Great Again" cap. I was walking through Huntington Park and a couple of people made snide remarks, but I glibly ignored them.

On a college campus, though, organized leftists and their indoctrinating instructors not only despise Trump, but they badger and bully anyone who supports him. He is the President-elect, after all, and the citizens of this country should just get over their upset and accept it.

Nevertheless, the bullying and hatred continue against Trump supporters. The labor unions which control public schools want to teach kids to hate Trump and have gone as far as to provide counseling for young people after Trump's election. Seriously.

For an over-paid instructor of a Mickey Mouse class on sexuality to engage in such abusive tactics, however, is inexcusable.

She should be terminate. This kind of behavior happens because these left-wing professors think that it's OK to behave that way. Indeed. the Orange County community needs to send the message loud and clear to Orange Coast College Faculty and staff, that such unprofessional conduct will never be condoned, and any instructor who shames and demeans students in that fashion should be terminated.

Donald Trump is already breaking down the destructive political correctness waging war on our culture. Just because an opponent does not share your views does not mean that he or she is an unstable bigot. To slam Donald Trump as a "white supremacist" is false and irresponsible, since racist white supremacist groups which attack others must be taken seriously.

What can one say? Trump's Presidential victory is expanding freedom and security for conservative to speak their minds and confront the left-wing professors and other professional cry-bullies who rely on fantasy and feelings rather than facts and figures.

God bless Donald Trump, and to Professor Olga Perez Stable-Cox:


  1. In a businesses or corporate setting this would be academic. But in the world education and media these bulling tactics attempts at public shaming prove the double standard that's overtaken the country.Fire her and how it's not a hate crime explain that one

    1. Fire her because she is addressing an issue? Firing here because your whole country is divided. Firing her because you don't know what is said before nor after this recording. How dare you judge a professonr who just addressed an issue.. Does she first have to ask who voted for Trump and answer accordingly? WHY?

  2. I praise her for addressing the issue as she was asked. After all the is teaching psychology and Trump is using mass psychology too. Plus we haven't heard the rest nor the beginning. Being from Europe I guess we have another vision of Free Speech.. I stand behind her 200% and will forward this to all my European friends You may not be happy to have such a one sided opinion.. And by the way.. Just wait a couple of months and you will see an American Hitler!

  3. and if my comment is not approved.. I think it's time to give a feed back of theis to the Washington post. Freedom of speech at a college and broaden students horizon is a virtue.. Students are old enough to judge for themselves what they want to beleive and are capable of fact checking too. So what is the deal here????

  4. would my teacher be fired too for telling the truth how Hitler operated in he 1930?