Sunday, December 11, 2016

SUCCESS! Anti-American Chicano Preservation Park Act DIES!

The House of Representatives rushed through a series of bills last week.

The biggest problem facing the Congress before Winter Recess and the end of their team in Congress?

Funding the government.

The House of Representatives went back and forth putting together a Continuing Resolution to prepare the next Congress.

In a way, I am not upset that Congress can barely fund anything.

Congress is using too much of our taxpayer dollars to fund unnecessary projects.

There is still too much pork, too many earmarks. Where's the entitlement reform?

When will Congress issue block grants and stop taking the states' money, only to give them a portion back?

And speaking of poorly-spent appropriations ...

"Oh, I hope I can get this bill though ...""

Rep. Juan Vargas (D-El Centro) introduced a bill to provide funding to study how to turn Chicano Park in San Diego into a National Monument.

This park is filled with anti-American, anti-Anglo, anti-liberty propaganda.

The powers that be who run this park do not permit residents to hoist teh American flag. The whole Chicano movement is dedicated to taking back large portions of the Southwestern United States and bringing it all back into Mexico.

Who would want to live under the incompetent kleptocracy of the Mexican national government? The Mexicans themselves are fleeing the country!

Chicano Park has a NAZI Swastika?!

Who can blame them? The rule of law is essential, cannot be put aside or suspended for select groups at the expense of everyone else.

The House passed the bill on December 7th on a voice vote, and it proceede to the US Senate

There was no record because a voice vote basically means that the House Members wanted to push it through.


One source suggested to me that most of the members simply had no idea what was in the bill. That is probably true.

I am keen to believing that the members knew the bill would go nowhere in the upper chamber.


Because the House finished their business on December 8th and 9th, and basically left everything on the US Senate's shoulder.

They would either pass the continued resolution which they had provided, or they would be held responsible for shutting down the government. Some of the Democratic minority wanted to stall final passage of any resolution because of miners' pensions in coal states. And Barbara Boxer wanted to kill legislation that would benefit farmers and Central Valley residents with more water.

As for Vargas' Chicano Park bill?

It went nowhere.

The sessions is over. The US Senators have already gone home.

The bill has gone nowhere.

GovTrack lists this bill having a 6% chance of passage.

The legislation dies!


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