Saturday, December 17, 2016

Funny: US Senator Kamala Harris Claims to Want a Safe California

California Attorney General turned US Senator Kamala Harris is one of the most corrupt and lawless elected officials in recent memory, even for California. She defended Planned Parenthood and threatened to prosecute the undercover journalist who exposed that this organization was selling baby parts, and taking more care to ensure that the bodies of the dead babies remained intact. The whole sordid affair sounds like Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal." Kill the baby, but if you can keep the body parts intact, then all is saved! Kammy raked in big donations from Planned Murderhood, which more than kept her campaign alive.

She colluded with labor unions to get them the best deals, all at the expense of the working families who supply the dwindling revenue to the state of California. She threatened to shake down hospitals. She was a politicized force for her own good, nettling into school discipline issues, while doing nothing to resolve state security and enforce issues. As the chief lawless enforcement officer, she doctored up the language for initiatives, invested in making sure that her pet agenda passed, while undermining the conservative reforms which could better save the state from its Democratic dominance.

Kamala Harris owes her career to San Francisco's own William Brown, who had served as the State Assembly speaker for 15 years (too many).

Korrupt Kammy (Credit:Lonnie Togue)

The biggest reason this woman has risen so fast? She is half-black and half-Indian, and she's a woman with powerful political connections in San Francisco.

Did I neglect to mention that she was the San Francisco District Attorney? And she presided over the sanctuary city lawlessness without batting an eyelash. Her policies and their continued use under her successor paved the way for a five-time deported illegal alien to murder a young lady, right in front of her parents along the San Francisco pier.

And yet ... Korrupt Kammy has the audacity to tweet the following:

What about the safety and opportunity of Kate Steinle? What about Tierra Stansberry?

What about Ruben Morfin or Dominic Durden?

They and their families will never have a sense of safety, because an illegal alien took the lives of those precious loved ones.

We would be safe if Korrupt Kammy was nowhere near the United States Senate or any other elected office. Unfortunately, the voters and activists paying attention in this race will have to settle for another regressive liberal who will never be held accountable for the abject immorality of her policies. At least in the minority in the United States Senate, she will cause less harm.


  1. Sounds like she will be our next President.

  2. She will go the way of Killary unless she begins to wake up inside someday.

  3. She will make a fool of herself in the Trump Administration - they are already aware of her and her nonsense.
    Where are all the REPUBLICAN senator hopefuls in this State??? No one to run against her?