Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Shame on LA County Board of Supervisors! They Need to Protect Citizens, Not Illegal Aliens!

LA County Board of Supervisors Call for County Strategy to Protect Illegals

Hilda Solis

WATCH FOR UPCOMING ALERTS! Take action to oppose the LA County Board of Supervisors proposed plan to protect illegals in LA County. Supervisor and Chair Hilda Solis is seeking to implement a plan before the inauguration of  President Elect Donald Trump. NOTE: More than FOUR MILLION Californians voted for Donald Trump and support his stance opposing illegal immigration.

EMAIL the LA County Board of Supervisors Executive Department. Tell the LA County Board of Supervisors that their efforts to shield illegal aliens in LA County will violate federal immigration law. Under the new Trump administration, they could have federal funding revoked. Ask that the LA County Supervisors respect and uphold federal immigration laws.


LA County Supervisor Kuehl said, “Many people in our county are facing new uncertainties in the wake of the presidential election. This makes it even more important for the County to take steps to protect the immigrant populations who came to this country, as my parents’ families did, to work hard and build a better life for their children. As we wait to see the actions the Federal government may take, it’s incumbent on the County to take every proactive measure possible to ensure that the rights of all the residents of LA County are, and will be, protected.”


A countywide plan to protect immigrants (and illegals) in Los Angeles was passed by the Board of Supervisors Tuesday on 12/6/16.

Lawless pro-illegal amnesty advocates

Supervisors Linda Solis and Sheila Kuehl co-authored the Immigration Protection Motion. The motion calls for a county-wide plan to protect the data and identities of local immigrant communities. The motion also explores the possibility of creating an LA County Office or Department of Immigrant Affairs.

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors needs to put Americans First!

It is offensive and outrageous that the elceted officials of Los Angeles County pour all of their time and effort into caring for illegal aliens, but won't do anything for the law-abiding, hard-working, tax-paying citizens who live in Los Angeles, who pay their salaries!

Enough is enough!

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