Sunday, December 25, 2016

BDS and BS: The Anti-Israel Sentiment of OC Weakly

The OC Weakly is on hard times, yet they are still hard on preaching the left-wing lies.

No wonder Andrew Breitbart had so much fun shaming the marginalized media! They lie so much now, that exposing their hatred and folly is a lot like shooting fish in a barrel. Or perhaps I should use a heavily Hispanic riff they way Gabe San Roman does: like shooting burros en un establo (donkeys in a stable)

Then there's OCD R. Scott Moxley, who is living in yesterday.

He earned some fame for helping to bring down the corrupt Orange County Sheriff Michael Carona, who was giving out badges and opportunities.

The OC Weakly brand is indeed failing. Read over most of their articles, and there is a lot of race-baiting and left-wing propaganda.

My name is Gabe San Roman, and I hate Israel
And I hate Jews

The keen obsession with Marxists and communists in Gabe San Roman's Twitter feed alone should alarm anyone with a keen sense of how capitalism made America, and how even a weak rag like OC Weakly depends on advertisement revenue to stay in business (if they receive enough to begin with ...):
The latest round of tweets, though, following the UN Resolution to condemn Israel for Jewish settlements, is particularly unnerving:

And then:

Now, some may charge that a retweet is not an endorsement.

San Roman then criticizes Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard (herself one of the most liberal representatives in Congress):

Now, the fervent, misguided, misinformed attitude about the Jewish State flies in the face of facts and history.

There is no such thing as a "Palestinian" culture.

The refugees who would have settled in Trans-Jordan were not permitted to.

Let us not forget that Arabs in this region are routinely instructed to hate Jews and demand the destruction of Israel. This anti-Semitic hatred goes all the way back, beyond  the rebirth of Israel in 1948.

It's time to state some blunt facts about OC Weakly.

This is an anti-Semitic rag, as well as disturbingly pro-communist.

Natan Sharansky, during his tenure in the Israeli government, issued the following warning about these hollow attacks on the legitimacy of the state of Israel:

Moreover, the so-called "new anti-Semitism" poses a unique challenge. Whereas classical anti-Semitism is aimed at the Jewish people or the Jewish religion, "new anti-Semitism" is aimed at the Jewish state. Since this anti-Semitism can hide behind the veneer of legitimate criticism of Israel, it is more difficult to expose. Making the task even harder is that this hatred is advanced in the name of values most of us would consider unimpeachable, such as human rights. 

The OC Weakly "journalists" praise communists.

They denounce Israel based on Palestinian propaganda.

They obsess over Dana Rohrabacher, who supports Israel and opposes illegal immigration, a fully invested libertarian who respects the rule of law and the laws of supply and demand.

No wonder no one reads them anymore.

They refuse to hide their anti-conservative, anti-reality bias.

No wonder no one reads them anymore.

But a more savage reality surges to the forefront.

They disseminate lies and fraud about Israel, yet the propagandists themselves have not been held accountable. Now it's time to "punch back twice as hard."

So, the uestion remains -- -is OC Weakly and staff a bunch of anti-Semites, too?

Why not call them and ask?

OC Weakly
18475 Bandilier Circle
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Mailing address:
18475 Bandilier Circle
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Phone: 714-550-5900

Fax: 714-550-5908

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