Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Incredible Shrinking Liberal Media: Paul LePage

John Nolte, the new Editor-at-Large at The Daily Wire, has identified how Trump trounced the media and reduced the press to a barking seal.

They make a lot of noise, but we laugh at their irrelevance.

They are weaker than the seals. They can clap, but we don't really notice.

They make us mad because they spin stories about nullities that don't matter.

Now, I was aware of how weak the press had become long before Trump.

A governor in New England exposed how feckless and petty the media had become.

I am not talking about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who tried to dance with the media, and got walked on.

I am talking about Paul LePage.

The Governor of Maine hated the media from Day One, when he announced his bid.

Check out his clear-cut remarks about his disdain for President Obama:

He cursed at the press, calling out their deliberate attempt to smear him with their "objective" questions: "Let's cut the bullsh--t!"

As Governor, he pushed back at the race card that the NAACP tried to play against the Governor, and that the media attempted to spin further:

The press had a field day with his blunt brush-off of the race card:

This kind of blunt straight-talk endeared him to voters!

He has never been afraid to mock the state legislature.

Check out this stunt:

Earlier this year, he launched into a bitter, vicious curse-laden voicemail against a Democratic legislator:

It was bad.

He should not have left that message.

But instead of caving to public pressure and stepping down, LePage stayed in office and continued to fight the media.

He refused to leave.

What has happened? The media that was so good at shaming Republicans over the slightest slights ... could not push the Governor out of office.

Not only that, but Donald Trump won one electoral vote in the Pine Tree State, and the Congressman Bruce Poliquin won re-election!

The media smears have failed completely.

MSNBC has repeatedly tried to shame LePage, but it has not stopped his re-election in 2014 or the expansion of the Maine Republicans and their effective reforms on welfare, drug use, taxes, the Second Amendment, and immigration.

This was a pathetic mash-up of his "greatest hits":

The trash and hatred of the left-wing press has gone right over people's heads.

Liberal un-funny comedian Samantha Bee compared LePage to Trump:

Guess what? Trump won--because he channeled the down-to-earth recognition of how frustrated the middle and working classes had become in the United States.

Paul LePage had been doing that for the past six years as Maine's governor.

Both defeated the media, and didn't let their occasional slips hurt their relentless drive to do the best and do what is right for their constituents.

No one trusts the media anymore. The Wikileaks cables have done more for journalism than anything printed by the New York Times, the Washington Post, etc.

Paul LePage body-slammed the media long before Trump did, and he did it just by speaking his mind, and not dragging along when he made a few mistakes.

His boldness helped make all of us bolder, too, and to kick political correctness to the curb.

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