Sunday, December 11, 2016

California State Rep. Melendez Shames Democrats for Immigration Hypocrisy

Melissa Melendez.

She is bold.

She is bright.

She's from the reddest section of Riverside County.

And she is just want the California Republican Party needs to get real, grow, and win again in the state of California.

The first day of the new legislative session began on December 5th.

Within ours, the legislative "leadership" filed resolutions and positions attacking Donald Trump and attacking his "Americans First" immigration policy.

Here are her recorded remarks to her colleagues--all of them.

She posted the following statement for her floor speech:

Monday marked the first day of session for the California State Legislature. It is a day where all California State representatives are sworn into office and commit to defending the Constitution. It has traditionally been a day of celebration, a renewed scene of bipartisanship and putting the people first.

Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez (R-Lake Elsinore)

Unfortunately, the Democrat majority decided to break from tradition by introducing a bitterly partisan and hypocritical Resolution that condemns President-elect Donald J. Trump and seeks to further divide our country along politically expedient lines.

Now more than ever, we must come together as a country rather than stooping to cheap tricks in an effort to grab headlines.

Some of the statements which stand out ...

She reminded her colleagues (not that they cared)

Obama ended up deporting more illegal aliens than any other president.

This metric is accurate, even if one considers that the Obama administration has engaged in magical statistic analysis.

Obama deported 3,000,000 illegals. Donald Trump has not even deported one--yet.

He is clear about deporting illegals.

Let's also remember that California has consistently refused to comply with federal law, has refused to deport illegal aliens and keep them out of the country, and has insisted on handing out benefits to illegal aliens instead of law-abiding citizens.

This is a brazen, perverse display of lawlessness, if there ever was one.

What was particularly refreshing about Melendez' floor speech, however, rested on shaming the Democratic majority for their begging for easy headlines.

They want to play up divisions and exploit partisan and racial divides.

The Democratic Party does not care about immigrants--and that means people who live in this country in compliance with our laws. They do not care about California. They only care about their careers, and even then, just their next bid for higher office.

This is wrong.

I agree with Assemblywoman Melendez ... in part.

I do not believe that California Democrats are serious about solving California's immigration problems, precisely because they are the ones creating the problems, making them worse!

Still, I appreciate that at least one lawmaker stood up to the Democratic bullies and told them to stop with the anti-Trump Hate.

Don't they want to Make America Great Again? I know that I do, and I want more Republicans to do the same, in California as well as across the country!


  1. A voice of Reason, in the wasteland of lawlessness that Commiefornia has become regarding immigration and the Illegal Invasion from the south

  2. The Democratic party, the party of race-baiting, minority pandering, law eschewing, morally depraved, anti-American, globalist, NWO constituents.