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The Incredible, Shrinking OC Weakly: Living in the Past, Dying in the Now

There's one target I love going after: the liberal media.

The Mainstream Media has repeated exposed how out of touch they have become, on many issues. The local papers have become pawns in a corporate buyout as the local press loses readers and funding. Why? Technology, for the most part. Local and middle-sized communities can better rely on their I-phones and computers to get the news that they need.

It's easier for any citizen to report and write on events, too.

So, as newspapers lose readers, subscriptions, and circulation, more of them have to rely on explicit advertising or write sensationalist headlines.

One cover page of the Daily Breeze focused on a "transgender teen" at Banning High School. Another story focused on another confused boy pretending to be a girl, and her indulgent parents who wrote a kids' book promoting this nonsense.

Orange County readers have noticed that the once center-right OC Register is pushing a more left-wing agenda. Another reason why their readership is declining.

But if anyone wants to see the slow demise of the liberal media, look no further than the OC Weekly, better labeled "Weakly".

Apparently, critics used this term before against the alt-left publication:

"1996 called ..." So, people thought the magazine was weak back then?

No, actually it was 1995:
Not surprised. They used the work "weak", so not sure about their lack of originality, but it certainly stands out ...

Has anyone looked at the stories printed by this dwindling publication?

Check out the stories printed in its New Years Eve/Day line-up:

One of the articles talks about ... bad or leftover booze? Seriously? This is news?!

Then there's this offensive picture of a stereotypical Mexican, written by race-baiting Gustavo Arellano.

And a funny thing about Gustavo ... he used to work for LA Weekly but for some reason the two publications are no longer related or connected. What gives?

A friend of mine checked out the OC Weekly headuarters in Fountain Valley.

It's a plain location with one person working at a desk. The LA Weekly office is locked behind a gated front. People have to buzz in in order to meet with anyone inside.

The magazine had become a much deluded and limited pulp pile compared to ten or twenty years ago.

There are few stories to read, either ...
In fact, aside from the smattering of stories (if you can call them that), the OC Weakly doesn't have much else besides:

Weed and porn: brings a whole new meaning to "OC Weakly", doesn't it?

They also live in past victories, which have not added anything to their credibility, if they have any, in nearly ... a decade!

Bob Dornan lost in 1996--that's 20 YEARS AGO!

Michael Carona was convicted of federal corruption charges in 2009. He went to prison in 2011. He was released in 2015.


Seriously, the cracker-jack reporters are living off of old glories. Have they done anything prescient or upbeat to justified continued readership? They fawn over Santa Ana, including a Republican Latina elected to local office. They did huge story about Mission Viejo Little League players doing a Mexican-Donald Trump skit. In poor taste, definitely.

Michael Carona hates me
You don't know what I'm talking about?
they also love to crush and shame Tony Rauckauckas, the Orange County District Attorney, who prosecuted police officers for beating a homeless schizophrenic, who later died.

Yep. "Tony Baloney" is a threat to western civilization. The jailhouse informant investigation is a serious matter, though. If the DA did something wrong he needs to own it.

But OCWeakly has hated Rauckauckas for decades. YAWN.

As for their Dornan obession -- They are trying to stir up readership with a story from 20 years ago?

Oh, and the only reason why B-One Bob lost against loony Loretta Sanchez was voter fraud. An investigation into the race confirmed that illegals had voted in the election, and yet nothing was done about it. There should have been a do-over for the election right after the 1996 election.

Another Twitter follower shared the following two weeks ago:
They have spent more time obsessing over me, rather than reporting on what Orange Coast College Republicans did to a nutty liberal professor who libeled Donald Trump as a "white supremacist."

They do not report on upcoming issues.

They rely on childish retorts.

R. Scott Moxley is living off whatever happened with ex-Sheriff Michael Carona.

They still beat up on Robert Dornan.

Oh ... and they fell into my trap. Moxley obviously thought he was going to turn the tables on me, but I anticipated that he would write something about me after I had blasted his lack of research on former Los Angeles County Congressman Bob Dornan. He had represented Torrance and Palos Verdes in the last 1970s and early 1980s, but they still look at him as primarily an Orange County representative.

And then their "Mexican humorist" Gustavo Arellano has been reduced to food criticism? Really.

This has been one of the easiest attacks on the liberal media yet!

Thanks guys, really! #OCWEAKLY!!

Gustavo Arallano: "I'm here for the food.
No one reads my anti-Anglo dreck!"
 Before I go, I must say ... they have helped me far more than they helped themsevlves.

R. Scott Moxley wrote a hit (or hate?) piece against me, and I got far more respect and support from Californians.

As for them, their readership is going down already, and looks like it just slipped a little further. This altercation reminds me a lot of what Ben Shapiro did to uber-liberal propagandist Piers Morgan in their two interviews.

Shapiro demolished Piers, his ratings tanked, and then he was fired.

The lack of journalistic integrity and professionalism, plus the virulent strain of anti-Israel, pro-Communist sentiment is doing the liberal media industry. Instead of "Ask a Mexican", Arrellano, San Roman, and Moxley ought to "Ask a Cuban" what they thought of communism under Fidel Castro, and why they fled their home country.

For all the above listed reasons, it sure looks like OC Weakly will be following the same path as the OC Register, Great Britain's "News of the World"  and "The Daily Beast."

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  1. OCWeekly is nothing but hate against conservatives in Orange County like Dana Rohrabacher and it is anti-White that the majority of Orange Countians including me does not read OCWeakly since it is biased, fake, and hard-left. I suggest everyone here in OC should boycott OCWeekly since the staff members are nothing but bullies and OCWeekly is not just a left-wing extremist news publisher, it is actually a bigoted hate group filled with people like San Roman, Gustavo, and Moxley. By the way, OCWeekly is the worst news publisher in Orange County and the worst political blog in the county is The Liberal OC. These two organizations have no place in Republican Orange County.