Saturday, December 3, 2016

States Going Right-To-Work in 2017

Big Labor took big blows to their power differentials in 2016.

Donald Trump has announced that he is pro-right to work.

Labor unions poured hundreds of millions into PACs and pro-Hillary Campaign coffers.

She begged and pleaded, got strident with her union hordes: "Why aren't I 50 points ahead?!"

The reform makes it easier to do business.

And making it easier to do business, makes it easier to employee and expand commerce.

Right-to-work is the right to work without losing your money.

Right-to-work means that an employee does not have to pay a bribe in order to get a job.

Right-to-work means freedom.

Right-to-work means that a corrupt, elitist union manager cannot take your money, then spend it on candidates which the member does not support, and which undermine the very reason why we have unions in the first place.

And it's looking like it will steam-roll through at least three more states in the next year.

1. Missouri

The bill was pre-filed yesterday!

 It's not just a top priority in the Show-Me state, it's the first priority.

2. Kentucky

The Bluegrass state is red all over now. For the first time in decades, Republicans control every branch of government.

The new house speaker (Republican) has announced right-to-work as a legislative priority, too:

The media spin is lamentable ("anti-abortion" instead of pro-life), but they cannot stop the representatives of the Kentucky people from putting an end to forced unionism and coerced dues in their domain.

The South has become a full forced Republican sweep, and the Democrats have only themselves to thank, as they hugged their Left-wing without any thought for the common needs of everyday Americans.

In fact, county governments have expanded their own right-to-work provisions, picking up where the state government has not taken the lead.

Check this out:

Local governments are advancing local freedom-to-work laws with or without higher approval.

This ruling only applies to states in the Sixth Circuit.

It would be nice to see similar rulings help out the Ninth Circuit for California, but those cases are slow in coming at this time.

3. New Hampshire

This reform may break out in New Hampshire. Imagine a right-to-work state right in the heart of liberal Democratic New England!

The legislation has already been filed!

Here's more relating to Right-to-work in "Live Free or Die" New Hampshire:

Research and development in New Hampshire, not just political motivations, are pushing for Right-to-work!

Final Reflection

Big Labor is already shaking in their boots.

And they should be afraid.

Anti-American Legislative Executive Council is already getting some heat:

But it's not working.

How much longer did Big Labor think they would get away with playing politics with other people's money?

For the past thirty years, a slow decline was inevitable, as corporations and even smaller franchises got tired of playing nice with aggressive labor union bullies. Private sector unions are on the wave as commercial enterprises invert or flee the country.

States which have rejected forced unionism and coerced dues are bouncing back faster in this economy.

The bluest states in the union remain forced unionism states, and they will be forced to pay hefty pension and benefit costs. These states are also overrun with corruption and interest groups pushing a regressive, left-wing agenda.

Right-to-work states are gaining jobs, growing their economies, and helping more families.

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