Wednesday, December 21, 2016

God Bless Donald Trump, and Huntington Park City Council: "You're Fired!"

Here are the remarks that I delivered to the Huntington Park City Council on December 20th 2016:

Ho Ho Ho!

Merry Christmas, Huntington Park Criminals!

You’re getting nothing for Christmas, of course, because you’ve been nothing but bad.
But it’s been Christmas for me, starting November 8th, when Donald Trump was elected our 45th  President!

But the winning hasn’t stopped.

No way. Jobs are coming back! Americans feel optimistic. Even though eight years of Barack Obama’s immigration fails have harmed this country, it won’t last forever. Donald Trump is coming in like a wrecking ball to demolish whatever is left of his disgusting failure of a Presidency.

And finally, the Americans killed by illegal aliens will see justice.
  • 1.       Kate Steinle
  • 2.       Tierra Stansberry
  • 3.       DeAndre Mitchell
  • 4.       Marcello Bisarello
  • 5.       Dominic Durden
  • 6.       Ruben Morfin

And many others – although one American life taken by an illegal alien is too many.

Where was their sanctuary? What did the cities in which they lived do for them?

Instead of appointing two illegal aliens Julian Zatarian and Francisco Medina, you should have extended to anyone of those family members the opportunity to serve on this city’s commissions.
Now, Former mayor Karina Macias claimed that the Huntington Park City Council should hope for the best for the new President—Donald Trump!—and wish him the best.

Then the council claims that Huntington Park is not a sanctuary city.

But wait … What is a sanctuary city?

A city which has adopted a policy of protecting illegal aliens by not prosecuting them for violating federal immigration laws in the country in which they are now living illegally.

This city council approved the appointment of two illegal aliens to city commissions.

They have violated federal law, but they have not been prosecuted. In fact, in a perverse fashion you have celebrated their lawlessness!

If it talks like a sanctuary city, if it walks like a sanctuary city, guess what? It’s a sanctuary city! Get red for President Trump to flip the switch and cut your funding! You are already $300 million in debt. What will you do without the feds’ money?

It makes no difference whether this city has made any declaration or not. And now  your city manager and chief of police are complicity in this corporate, racketeering criminality. I think that the police officer who saved two citizens from a care set on fire should be made chief of police, and then he should arrest the four of you for brazen violation of federal law, and have the two illegal aliens deported.

Other than that, I am getting everything I wanted for Christmas, and so much more!

Merry Christmas to all, God Bless Donald Trump … and YOU’RE FIRED!


  1. Francisco EzequielJanuary 1, 2017 at 12:08 PM

    How about naming your sources d not just writing an immature opinion piece. You state that "if it talks like a sanctuary city, if it walks like a sanctuary city, guess what? It’s a sanctuary city" which suggests that without any burden of proof from you or evidence that you will go after anyone and any thing you simply do not like. Where is the maturity and logic in that? Also, you voted for a reality TV star who says "trust me" about as many times a minute as a shady used car salesman. Where was your head when you voted? He has ready betrayed you. "Drain the swamp," "lock her up," and "the wall" are not happening, by his own admission. Those who voted Clinton are one thing but you, sir are bamboozled, fooled and in the easiest way possible. Belive me, u bet it wasn't that hard.

    1. Francisco Ezequiel you complain about writing style while people are being murdered in such cities?