Sunday, December 11, 2016

Aunt Janice Preaches Lawless Secession Against the Federal Government

Janice Hahn is the closest thing that we have to a corrupt Democratic machine with a family name and too much time and money in the politics game.

I just cannot get rid of this woman.

See Janice Sit ... Sit Janice Sit ... and Don't Do Sh**t

She served for three terms -- Three!--as Los Angeles City Councilwoman for the 15th District.

She ran for Lieutenant Governor and lost (when Garamendi ran off to Congress).

She had run for Congress before that, but thankfully she lost.

So, three terms as City Councilwoman, and she did nothing.

She rarely took a stand on anything, except in front of a camera to cut a few ribbons or to make nice with union bosses. She also had no problem with a local elementary school being named after a violent Communist from Australia.

See Aunt Janice in front of cameras ...
What has happened to the people of San Pedro? They might as well revive Shanghai Red's and have them run the city!

The constituents in her district do remember that she started a gang rehabilitation program of some kind, which allowed hardened criminals to "work with" other gang members.

When Congressman Jane Harman announced her retirement in February 2011, Janice Hahn took her second shot at a Congressional seat--and won in the special election.

Yes, sadly, she was my Congresswoman, but only for one year and five months.

Then I got Henry Waxman, and now I have Ted Lieu. Oh joy!

Anyway, back to Aunt Janice ...

Make sure to get my good side (if there is one) ...

She carpet-bagged to another district, with San Pedro as her base of operations. She lied about Auntie Laura being a Republican (She was another arrogant, but more brazenly corrupt Democrat). Aunt Janice faced token opposition in 2014, biding her time before Don Knabe announced his (forced) retirement.

She was the clear favorite entering the race, since Grandpa Kenny had served on the Board of Supervisors for forty years, and half of Los Angeles County is named after something that he did or had built in the region.

So, Aunt Janice has helped form the disturbing supermajority on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. Is there any help for us little people?!

At the first major LABOS meeting, she announced to the public that the majority would demand a task-fore or work paper or something so that they could protect "the immigrants" from Donald Trump.

Her words--I kid you not--at the December 6th meeting:

Fellow Supervisor Janice Hahn was quoted by the San Gabriel Valley Tribune newspaper as saying that she was “horrified by the idea that residents who shared personal information when enrolling in the DACA program might be deported using that same data.”

Hahn vowed to fight that possibility even “if we have to build a wall around Los Angeles County to protect them.”

"We must protect the immigrant families, in Los Angeles County, if we have to build a wall around Los Angeles County ..."

"We'll build a wall ... a big beautiful wall!

Build a wall around Los Angeles County? Really?

Can we build a big beautiful wall around the Board of Supervisors but with no door, so that we never have to see or hear them again--especially Aunt Janice?

If Los Angeles County secedes, I am moving to America.

How about protecting the citizens? What about us?!

This is lawlessness!

This is secession!


When will our elected officials start caring about We the People?

Reminder: "We the People" implies "We the Citizens" not "We the Illegal Aliens."

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  1. Give it up Janice. You are too old to be playing like you have an unbalanced hair cut. This is unbecoming to you and your fathers memory. Hiding people that have committed crimes, for what? What do you hope to gain from this? Bad form for you to take.