Thursday, December 8, 2016

California MassResistance Stands With The People of Taiwan for Natural Marriage

California MassResistance stands with the tens of thousands of families in Taiwan who reject gay marriage.

It is truly unsettling that both of Taiwan's major political parties favor undermining the family and rejecting a sound institution--one man and one woman as parents raising children.

What has been truly impressive has been the large number of demonstrations of loving families, men and women--standing up to their own government.

I believe that more countries around the world are learning how this "benign eccentricity" called gay marriage is in fact a Trojan horse full of unintended, negative consequences.

Churches, charities, and small businesses will face increased pressure from rabid LGBT groups to conform and accommodate same-sex marriages and the multi-gender ideologies which follow. Failure to comply will mean fines, imprisonment, the closure of private businesses, etc.

Worse yet, children will  have to learn about homosexuality in public school as a normal behavior, and their parents will have no say in preventing this curriculum.

The devastating impact to public health and individual rights cannot be ignored.

My hope is that the Taiwanese people -- who have already voted in an opposition government for the first time--will recognize their renewed power and affirm the true definition of marriage: one man and one woman.

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