Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Mayes Misses It on Trump and Democratic Destruction

I am very displeased with Assembly Minority Leader Chad Mayes' remarks about the California Democratic Supermajority's abusive turns against President-Elect Trump.

The Democrats were already feeling the need to castigate and shame Trump, just because he ran on a law-and-order platform that would Make America Great Again.

What is the problem up there?

Republicans need to stand firm! Stand strong for the values that Californians care for. Caving to the left on key divisive issues is not going to help anyone!

SACRAMENTO – Today, Assembly Republican Leader Chad Mayes (Yucca Valley) issued the following statement in response to an inflammatory house resolution (HR 4) pushed through the Assembly by Democratic leaders:

The statement was not just inflammatory, it was immoral!

“Today, Democrats stole a page out of President-Elect Trump’s campaign playbook and pushed a rhetorical, divisive agenda designed to inflame tensions many of us seek to soothe. California has the highest poverty rate in the nation, our roads our crumbling, and the cost of housing is double the national average. The campaign is over and it’s time to come together and move forward as Californians.”

Oh, OK ...

Let's slam Donald Trump while criticizing the Democratic Supermajority for their illicity and uncalled for resolution.

Donald Trump is not the problem, Assemblyman Mayes.

The problem is the Democratic Party of California, which has overtaken this state and is hell-bent on turning California into a third-world sink-hole.

Of course, the wealthy elites on the coast do not have to care, because they will have their top-notch private security and wealth sanctuaries to protect themselves from the peasants who are forced to pay for their legislative follies.
Assembly minority leader Chad Mayes

How could Mayes do such a thing?

The last thing we need in California is another Republican attacking Donald Trump.

He has divided this country. The Democrats are intent on fomenting conflict all over the country. The only way they amass power depends on pitting one group against another.

Unity of calling, purpose and value would ensure a thriving, live-and-let-live society in California, the last thing that the California Democratic Party wants.

Mayes missed it, and  missed it big time.

He needs to attack the destuructive Democrats in Sacramento.

Trump is not the problem. Whether he wants to admit it or not, 4 million Californians of diverse backgrounds voted for TRUMP!

It's time for the Republican leadership to fight for us--and help Make California Great Again!

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