Saturday, December 3, 2016

Pat Condell: Wise Words For America and to the Criminal Migrant

The Bible clearly states "The fool has said in his heart 'There is no God.'" (Psalm 14:1)

Pat Condell of Great Britian, a YouTube sensation who speaks truth to Progressive frauds, advertises himself as an atheist.

Yet he possesses an erudition and blunt courage with a decent level of wisdom.

Would that more elected officials listened to him, as he channels very effectively the outpouring outrage of Europe's masses.

He is not afraid to speak truth to Progressive power, seized in Europe Universities, Courts, and Parliaments.

This power has determined that equality and the well-being of criminal migrants infesting Europe is more important than the Western values which make civilization possible.

Condell has amazed millions around the world in his YouTube commentaries, millions woh are fed up with the stifling, fascist political correctness that silences reasoned dissent against mass migration, climate change, and crippling policies afflicting free markets and free people.

He loves to pillory the race card, and the real racists who employ the term to shame opponents of mass migration and progressive values (if they can be called such).

He routinely calls out the dedicated class of corporations, bureaucrats, and corrupt special interests , who have designs on Europe. They want a "common market" for their own vision of global peace and harmony, a technocracy of efficient governance unimpeded by individual prejudices. There is only problem with this globalist vision: it comes with a price--a boot in our faces forever, per George Orwell. Fascism is the end of this technocratic dream, which has become a bureaucratic nightmare for those who have to live under it and pay for it.

But this corrupt military-industrial complex is coming to an end, and Condell is happy to report the good news for us.

In Great Britian, the Brexit pushed aside the Europe Union's coven of cronies. 

In the Netherlands, more citizens are questioning the entire EU project.

In Italy, the political Establishment faces epic collapse over the Renzi government's failed referendum.

Corporate interests wanted to build a globalist society with themselves as a new aristocracy and everyone else reduced to second-class feudal status. The attempts by the political class to stifle this populist, back-to-basics uprising have failed.

The spark that set off the new populist podwerkeg?

Immigration, and the migrant crisis of abusive, perverse, destructive refugees overrunning and ruining Europe: women raped, children raped, men assaulted and killed.

Jews are fleeing France in record numbers, unprecedented after all the decades when the French Republic was touted as a haven of tolerance.

From the embittering arrogance of the political class, however, no compassion has been forthcoming, and no desire to safeguard these communities and the citizens of their countries. All of this has become not just intolerable, but has produced a screech of "Stop!" from the Europeans.

Condell announced to the criminal migrants despoiling Europe that "Their end is near."

I appreciate his cogent yet forceful disgust with these illegal aliens.

He is not afraid to call their "culture and values" barbaric.

He does not shy away from shaming the government institutions purportedly instituted to protect the rights of Europeans, but instead protect the terrorizing lawlessness of the migrants masquerading as refugees.

I particularly enjoyed his savage parody of the Left's buzzwords "tolerance" and "human rights," terms now laughably devoid of meaning. Activist judges use these terms to justify untold harms and abuses to Austrian, German, Swedish, British citizens, etc.

Multiculturalism takes a heavy hit, as well, since the term has become an excuse to drag Western Civilization into the backward, execrable Third World mire of misogyny, mutilation, rampant poverty, and corruption.

Were Condell not an atheist, his wisdom would be unassailable.

Despite his rejection of divine revelation, Condell is wiser than most in Europe, and he praised Americans for practicing their own wisdom by reject Crooked Dhimmi Hillary Clinton. 

Indeed, We the People of the United States dodged a bullet, rejecting European collectivism and one-sided multiculturalism.

Let's hope that in the months to come, the member states of Europe overthrow their would-be corporate-bureaucratic masters, secure their borders, and enforce the rights and privileges of their own people against the invading criminal migrants of the Middle East.

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