Sunday, December 4, 2016

Nigel Farage Announces the Death of the Mainstream Media

Nigel Farage explained to the media why they lost in the Year 2016.

They don't care about the "little people."

The media giants had served as a left-wing filter for a progressive agenda.

Their political biases and immoral correctness has hurt their image and credibility.

Farage listed the specific issues where the media have shown themselves out of touch with the broader, wiser public:

1. Immigration

2. Radical Islam

3. Climate Change

I would add ...

4. Transgenderism

5. Multiculturalism

The local press in California goes gaga all over the destruction of family and gender, plus the rejection of Judeo-Christian values and Western Civilization.

Throughout Election 2016, propagandists (they can't be called "journalists") were pumping up Hillary Clinton and the globalist agenda. Their bias was no longer hidden, even though for the three previous years they ignored scandal after scandal from the Obama Administration.

Over the past four years, though, the political class infiltrated more aspects of Main Street's daily lives. The people who don't vote started voting. These individuals hang up on press calls for polling, and they don't waste their time on Internet polls.

Throughout the general election, the press on both sides of the Atlantic misread--or rather ignored--the political populist currents rushing throughout the world. They never considered that people who never voted, would vote this time. Most people mind their own business and expect the political classes to make poor decisions which affect only them and the wealthy, well-connected peoples invested in politics.

The "little people" won, and the media class got tossed, along with the arrogant political class buoyed by them.

Farage's speech is worth listening to.

Click below:

"You have got to change, or you'll come back here in five years time, and there will be fewer of you."


Media and reporting has become all too easy for "the common people."

We experience the hardships of arrogant, corporatist, anti-conservative policies.

Instead of begging the local or statewide newspaper to report the news, we can do it ourselves!

The "Mainstream Media" is no longer mainstream.

It is not even a stream, but a tiny trickle drying up.

The press, the media, the newscorps need to learn to tell the truth, or go the way of the dinosaur, the phonograph, and even the cassette tape.

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