Sunday, December 25, 2016

The Empire Strikes Out: OCC Teachers Union Threatens Student With Criminal Penalties

Mrs. Olga Perez Stable-Cox thought she could get away with calling President Donald Trump a "white supremacist."

She thought that she could get away with calling Trump voters "terrorists".

She also thought that she could get away with slamming and shaming students in her class who were Trump supporters.

Her arrogant, left-wing entitlement mentality crashed on the day when the students in her class recorded, and the Orange Coast College Republicans published the video of this woman badgering her students and intimidating them for their political views.

Here is the video in full:

Instead of holding the teacher accountable for her remarks, the university administration attacked the student who recorded the statements, and threatened him with expulsion and criminal prosecution!

OCC Republicans

Here are some of the threats from the Teachers union representing the bigoted Mrs. Stable-Cox:

The Teachers union wanted to threaten the student who made the recording with criminal prosecution?

What is this? Cuba?!

Then again, Stable-Cox is from Cuba, but why would she insist on imposing the tyranny she fled from on her students?

I applaud the student for video-recording the abusive teacher.

The Teachers union has further exposed how contrary they have become to the calling they claim. They are not interested in education. They want indoctrination  but beyond that domination. Their rights, values, and views must win the day, and anyone who disagrees must be silenced or expelled.

This is outrageous. Stable-Cox had every reason to go into hiding. She was abusing her authority. Now the teachers unions has exposed itself to greater shame and ridicule:

I hate bullies.

Lo and behold, the teachers union shows its true face.

They are anti-student, anti-education thugs out for themselves.

Did I forget to mention that Big Olga walks away with $160,000 in salary and benefits every year? And We the People are paying for this travesty.

This was an epic fail from beginning to end for the campus and the administrators, as well as the teachers union.

Universities are supposed to be safe spaces ... for men and women to share competing views on all kinds of issues. They safe spaces have become pre-eminently unsafe for conservatives, for free-market advocates, for free-thinkers of any background.

What a shame, but at least the Orange Coast College Republicans were not afraid to stand by the student who recorded the teacher and put the union on defense.

Final Reflection

If conservatives cannot win legislative races, then they need to expose the California Democratic Party's cult of corruption to the world at large.

Labor unions need to be knocked on their knees (or their back) and forced out of business if necessary.

The abuses of academic authorities cannot remain standing like this. It is all wrong--all wrong--for any educator to shame students for their views. It's time for voters, citizens, all liberty advocates to stand strong and reject this perversity. If our elected officials will not help us, then we will have to proceed without them.

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