Friday, December 9, 2016

Rick Santorum: The First to Call For an "Americans First" Immigration Policy

This is spot on.

Santorum makes the case for less immigration -- PERIOD!

How it's completely in line with our country's principles.

It's not racist. It's wise.

It's not selfish. It's good for everyone.

Santorum recognizes that supply and demand are inexorable laws which no one can override.

He also calls out the Democratic Party for want to shove as many prospective voters into this country as possible.

He also shamed the Business wing of the Republican Party for looking at individual workers as a mere "commodity."

He was bold about an "Americans First" policy.

God bless Rick Santorum!

His understanding of this country's diverse and welcome history cannot be ignored.

He relates how immigration has to do what is best for America.

Waves of immigration come and go. Time and assimilation have to temper and work out the new waves of immigrants from generation to generation.

His statements are solid and worth listening to.

It is hard to imagine that one hundred years ago, the United States actually clamped down on immigration, put up stops so that the country would not be overwhelmed and lose its American culture and identity.

These demands are not racist, jingoist, or arrogant.

Every country is duty-bound  to protect the rule of law and the rich cultural legacies of their people.

That especially holds true for the United States of America.

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