Monday, December 19, 2016

Popcorn: Union Infighting Ensues over DNC Chairman

Who wants to be in charge of the Democratic National Committee? Debbie Wasserman-Schultz all but sullied the role with her brazen corruption, tipping her hand and working hard to support the chosen Establishment nominee Hillary Clinton over Independent-turned-Democrat-returned-Independent Bernie Sanders. Then interim Chair Donna Brazile was herself brazenly exposed for colluding with CNN and other major networks to slant the debate in Crooked Hillarys' favor.

Does the shame of these emboldened frauds ever dim? Is there anyone with any ethics or restraint of character who can turn the disaster that is the Democratic Party into something winnable or even watchable again?

Minnesota Muslim (and a latent anti-Semite) Keith Ellison has thrown his hat (or burka? or Taqiyah? Or topi?) into the ring. But the Anti-Defamation League is already opposed this possible appointment. He has worked with and accepted money from dark, Islamic sources already. The man is a left of Left super radical who will take the Democratic Party further left, and thus ensure that the party is left behind.

Thomas Perez

Will this be the end of the Democratic Party? They have fallen so far out of the mainstream. More importantly, they are embracing communistic values and a destructive agenda which has failed on moral as well as political grounds. Howard Dean of Vermont, the former Governor and DNC Chair (he supervised the 2006 Democratic victories across the country) wanted another shot at the leadership post. He offered the same advice that he had floated in 2006: a Fifty-State Strategy.

Guess what? The Republican Party finally started playing and defeating the Democrats at the same widespread game.

And the Republicans in the state legislatures are killing of their unjust, immoral, unconstitutional cash cow: Big Labor.

And the labor unions, which spent big and doubled-down on the communistic policies of forced collectivism, are finding that the push-back from the public has become too much for them to overcome.

Check out the latest upset in the DNC fight for the Chairmanship:
What ever happened to "an injury to one is an injury to all"?

Apparently, Barack Obama, who had widespread Democratic majorities in Congress, and he ended up pushing one of the most partisan and deeply unpopular law in recent memory.

When labor unions are fighting with each other, it becomes clear that the last plank of long-term Democratic support is falling apart. When the police and fire unions start breaking away (because the Democratic Party has declared war on public safety plus law and order)

The deeper irony in this fight? Perez is the out-going Secretary of Labor for the Obama Administration!

The labor unions have gotten kicked in the teeth. They enjoy a record low approval rating. Cities and states across the country which have to resolve their looming trillion dollar pension liabilites are calling out the labor unions for demanding big money from taxpayers who have no say in the collective bargaining talks.

The easy gravy train of taxpayer dollars is coming to an end, and domestic socialism has taken a sorry turn, but a welcome end for the rest of us.

And the Democratic Party better figure out a different way to connect with every day voters, or close up shop, because a DNC Chairman who is just as radical--and radically out of touch--is not going to help them.

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