Monday, December 5, 2016

Where All Californians Go: Texas

I visited Houston, Texas earlier this year. The city is beautiful, clean, without tent cities of arrogant homeless crowding the sidewalks (that’s a allusion to the devil-possessed city of Los Angeles).

Houston is one of the bluest section of Texas? The Democrats can’t do much damage. Congressman John Culberson (who is picking up steam to ban sanctuary cities—finally!) represents a part of the city! The openly lesbian mayor Anise Parker tried to force San Francisco-style “non-discrimination” statutes on the city—which meant that men could enter women’s bathrooms, and bakeries would have to prepare wedding cakes for homosexual weddings, regardless of the conscience of the business owner.

But Texans are not San Franciscans, and even the residents in the city punched back at this immoral ordinance.
The Houston Five

The Houston Five—a team of pastors in the city—rallied the churches throughout the city and across the state. The mayor and her LGBT-bullying ilk tried to push confusing language. Twice the Houston team went to court to have the question written clearly and properly. Like the skewed polling and biased reporting during the Brexit campaign and the Presidential election, the press published poll after polling showing the “No” vote losing by double digits.

On Election Day, the ordinance lost by double-digits.

That was in 2015.

Today, with President-Elect Trump ready to assume power, blue states are doubling down on their liberal insanity, with no regard for the law, but full attention paid to George Soros and the left-wing special interest infiltrations into our country.

Texas is booming. Who knows what will happen in ten years, or even in six, as Texas gains three or four more House seats while California stagnates, or perhaps loses a Congressional seat for the first time in its history.

Late October was a warm 87 degrees from day to day. Not sure what to make of the weather, and not sure I could handle it.

I also met so many Californians in Texas.

They moved to the Lone Star State ten or twenty years ago. Even then, they could not afford their own home. The housing crisis has only gotten worse.

I ran into another friend of mine two weeks ago. Apparently, he had already moved to Texas nine months prior. He bought a home--large, welcome--for a mere $200,000. Incredible! He let his daughter live in the home owns in Torrance. If he wanted to, he could sell the California home for $700,000 easy.

Friends in Hermosa Beach could sell their home for twice that amount. They would still have money left over to invest after buying one (or two!) more homes if they wanted!

Californians are fleeing just about everything in California.

No jobs.

Crumbling infrastructure.

High costs of living.

Overpriced housing market.

Arrogant political class.

Millennials are fleeing Los Angeles. College graduates take jobs in other states, where economic growth is not measure in welfare payments.

Californians get wait to leave, it seems. If factors don't improve, I may be joining the Golden State flight to Texas very soon, too!

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