Saturday, December 10, 2016

We the People Rising on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

@ Donald Trump's NEW Hollywood Star
Hollywood Walk of Fame 12/10/16
Report by Robin Hvidston

VIDEO: Christmas caroling at the Trump Merry Christmas Rally - Hollywood Walk of Fame, Donald Trump's NEW Hollywood Star.

SPREADING GOOD WILL & CHEER. Above photo, Christmas Caroling at the NEW Donald Trump Hollywood Star.

In October, at 4 a.m. in the morning, a man dressed as a construction worker, with a sledge hammer, destroyed Donald Trump's Hollywood Star.

Above photo - Trump supporters posed by the new Donald Trump Star.

It was surprising the number of Trump supporters that stopped by! They would take their photos alongside the Trump ralliers.

The rally, overall, seemed to be a big hit on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Above, center, one of the many passersby that stopped and joined in the Merry Trump Christmas Rally.

A few people gave the thumbs down and took photos. One man approached us and said he did not vote for Trump, but then said that he is "willing to give him a try now." But overall, there was lots of support for the Merry Trump Christmas Rally.


Above photo, a couple from Thailand.

A family from England that  supports Trump took photos.

A local family that posed with us in support of Trump.

A tourist from overseas posed with Santa and the Trump supporters.

SPIDER MAN INCIDENT - Hollywood Walk of Fame and other debates

ere was almost an altercation when the Hollywood SPIDER MAN CHARACTER approached a black Trump supporter, who stopped to talk to us, at Donald Trump's Star.

Spider Man told the the black man that HE should not be in support of Trump!

Then, Spider Man got in the black Trump supporter's face.  Nearby officers interceded and escorted the Spider Man Character to another area. Apparently, officers indicated that this Spider Man Character is a trouble maker.

After the incident, the black Trump supporter talked  about how outraged he was by the Spider Man saying because he is black, he should not have voted for Trump.

There was a man from a Worker's Party group, a Marxist, who entered into a debate. He opposed both Hillary and Trump. Another man (a Muslim) who claimed he was from Nice, France, and spoke with a heavy French accent, also entered into a debate with the Trump supporters. He claimed he saw with his own eyes that the truck-driving terrorist in Nice, France, was actually a French police officer - not a Muslim terrorist. Of course, he opposed Trump and was in strong support of Muslims settling in Western countries.

At the beginning of the rally, workers in a truck parked in front of the rally and played the song "Fuck Donald Truck." That report to follow.

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