Saturday, December 31, 2016

Ted Cruz is Wrong: Defund the UN ... PERIOD!

One of the most vocal supporters of Israel is Ted Cruz.

He has fought and denounced this terrible institution from the first days he entered the United States senate.

But there is a problem with his current line of attack against the corrupt, collectivist organization following their unfounded and offensive resolution against the state of Israel.

He has threatened to cut American funding for the UN ... unless they rescind the resolution condemning settlements in the West Bank.

That is not good enough. The United States should have pulled out of the United Nations and took back our money a long time ago, and without conditions.

We need to defund the United Nations. PERIOD!

Who cares if they rescind this one resolution? The globalist fraud has issued hundreds more against the Jewish State. Dictatorial regimes president on the permanent as well as provision Security Council. This organization has no legitimacy.

Don’t get me wrong about Cruz. He has done what more Republicans should have done years ago.

When he spoke about the vital defense which the Jewish State provided in the Middle East, members of the audience at a Middle Eastern Christians forum booed. Undeterred, and refusing to cave on his support, Ted Cruz waved to the crowd, said “God bless you” and left the stage.

Very few statesmen have that kind of character, that they can quietly leave rather than submit to the crass denunciation.

When US Secretary of State John Kerry referred to Israel as an “apartheid state”, Cruz was the first one on the floor to demand his resignation. The former US Senator from Massachusetts has been wrong on just about everything, but those word were indeed “resign worthy”, as Charles Krauthammer asserted.

Cruz was right to demand Kerry’s head on a platter for that.

Kerry didn’t utter some blunt, unthinking phrase. The Massachusetts liberal revealed his mindset, and the attitude of the entire Obama Administration. The have pursued radical equality at all costs. Whoever is the underdog in an international fight must be the good guy. Who is poor and down on resources, they deserve the praise and sympathy.

 Israel, has every right to defend the Jewish State.

I think that US Senator Ted Cruz has a bright future ahead of him, even if the GOP base has some hurt feelings over his hesitation to support Donald Trump.

Hey, join the club, and all of us are glad we finally jumped on the Trump Train.

Barack Obama knows that his time is short. Instead of preparing to leave quietly (or at least plan on stealing some of the furniture, just like the Corrupt and Clint Crew) and so he is stabbing Israel in the back.

But for Cruz to suggest that the United States should defund the UN until they rescind the resolution agianst Israel ... that is not going far enough.

I am not sure why this US Senator is pulling punches like this. We need to get out NOW!

There is no more compromise on this issue. It's time for the United States to leave the corrupt, ineffective, and arbitrary United Nations, and take our money back!

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