Sunday, December 11, 2016

How Donald Trump "Ruined" Sunday Morning Talk Shows

For the past ten-fifteen years, I used to watch the Sunday morning talk shows religiously.

I looked forward to Fox News Sunday, Meet the Press, Face the Nation, etc.

I wanted to listen to the talking heads debate the issues of the day, the heated politics of the week. Oftentimes, it was the most up-to-date news for me.

Whatever the newspapers were reporting, the Round Table or the News Round would go over the implications of what happened, how it would affect Democrats, Republicans, etc.

Social Media has made it easier to know what is going on, and to inform me about it long before the Sunday morning programs.

But the analysis was still pretty solid.

Then came Donald Trump.

And from the moment he jumped into the race, it was clear that talking heads had nothing novel to talk about.

They spent more time slamming the front-runner, trying to tear him down.

I stood by other candidates, and still I had to listen to Chris Wallace, Charles Krauthammer, and George Will go off on the New York City real estate developer and reality TV star.

Even though I was not a Trump supporter at the time, it really bothered me how much time they spent criticizing, disparaging, and hating on Trump.

Really? Is this what Sunday Talks shows had turned into?

Of course, Wikileaks, Breitbart, and online programs were more effective at informing the public about how corrupt Crooked Hillary was.

The networks now obessess over every tweet, policy move, or wag of the finger from President-Elect Trump

This morning, they were getting all worked up about the Russians.

Yes, that's right, the Russians are the ones responsible for all the hacking and the press tacking the decks in Crooked Hillary's favor.

It is beyond mind-numbing. These media types have become empty-headed talking heads. They don't want to discuss substantive issues. They don't relate the concerns of voters about the future of America.

All they want to to is diss-- not even discuss--Trump.

What a yawn fest

Yes. I blame Donald Trump, but it's a good thing, I guess/

After all these years, the Sunday Morning discussion programs have turned into hollow smear-fests.

It's time to turn the television off!

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