Saturday, December 31, 2016

Millennial Pins Down the Big Problems with Millennials

Hunter Avallone is a new conservative YouTube sensation, of sorts.

He has a sardonic wit about him, and has no problem calling out the poltiical correctness in his culture.

He is a Maryland residents, like a growing cohort of conservatives fed up with the bad direction of the country under the Obama Administration.

This young man should connect with the Hogan Administration.

Is there a new conservative movement breaking out in the Old Line State?

What is particularly welcoming about this young man? He blows up the whole transgender nonsense. He is no afraid to outline the differences between men and women

Check out this video, slamming his coddled Millennial generation in the video below:

Millennials are full invested their feelings.

What they sense about any event is the final and ultimate determinant if something is write or wrong

They whine and cry because they do not get their way all the time.

Avallone criticizes public education and the university system for perpetuating this perpetual childhood among young adults.

Now college deans are intervening to determine which events are acceptable and which are unacceptable. If events, ideas, or behaviors are deemed offensive to one group or even one person, they get shut down.

How has it come to this?

Younger people today were taught to value their own views at the expense of everyone else's. They grew up believing that everything would shift if their favor, or that Mommy and Daddy would make everything better.

Normally, this kind of immature, destructive mentality afflicted a few kids because of indulgent parents.

Hunter Avallone

Today we have a society full of young people who did not have parents, or the parents who heeded a modern idea of parenting. This "new" method taught parents to let children make all the decisions for themselves and not worry about values or ethics outside of themselves.

The result? An entitled, pampered, lost generation.

And a violent one which breaks laws, disrupts the peace and prosperity of private citizens, and resorts to force and riot-sized temper tantrums.

Not good.

I commend this young man for blasting his fellow 20-something peers. That takes real courage, something that their parents never possessed.

Perhaps political leaders and managers should recognize the blunt wisdom of this young man, and stop catering to the younger Millennial set that refuses to grow up. Let's stop acknowledging the hurt feelings of self-righteous brats who inhabit big bodies. They need to grow up, and growing up may be hard to do--for the short term--but it's necessary for long-term life and happiness.

Again, this video is so refreshing, precisely because this Millennial calls out his own Millennial generation.

"Stop acting like little babies. It's time to act like adults now."

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  1. Hunter Avallone is self-rightous himself though.