Saturday, December 31, 2016

"No, I Wasn't Born This Way," Says the Openly Gay Milo Yiannopoulos

Now this statement should shock a lot of people.

Milo Yiannopoulos, the editor for Breitbart Tech, the counter-culture conservative who is shaking up campuses all over the United States, also identifies as gay.

But he does not hide behind the "Born That Way" lie.

He explains in full what happened:

This declaration was one of the most refreshing and accurate I had heard in a long time.

This coming from a man who still identifies as "gay."

He points out the sordid history behind this political farce, now turning into a tyrannical force in our culture.

And it's spreading world-wide.

The truth is--the whole "gay agenda" has been another liberal, progressive, American Democratic Party--media fraud pushed to further divide this country while consolidating more power for the government.

Let's be honest -- any government program based on falsehood is destined to create more pain and suffering all while attacking individual liberty and limited government.

The truth is that men and women are not born gay.

That is not to say, however, that it's a matter of brazen volition to enter into the homosexual culture.

Steven Crowder makes a compelling case for understanding that homosexuality is not a result of genetic determinants, but rather an complex issue from nurture (as opposed to nature), and more specfically a lack of nurturing (proper identity, etc):

Like Yiannopolous, Crowder identifies friends who do no like the gay lifestyle and they want out. They face terrible retribution from gay left activists who want to maintain the civil rights argument.

That is wrong.

The facts remain outstanding: there is no genetic evidence that homosexuality is a born trait.

Dr. David Pickup, who practices reparative therapy, offers a deeper answer for what motivates same-sex attraction:

But let's return to the comments from Milo ...

He asserts the political history behind the LGBT movement. They came up with a catty, deceptive lie, that men and women are born gay -- therefore, anyone who opposes gay marriage or the gay agenda is automatically a massive bigot.

For this reason, pro-family forces MUST confront the entire lie. There can be no peaceful coexistence with lies and with a destructive behavior which is spreading disease and  upending the fundamentals of our civilization.

No, homosexuals are not born that way. Their case is not a civil rights cause, but a government-induced fraud from the regressive left.

In fact, the LGBT movement stole the black communities' civil rights movement:

Pastor Bill Owens explains here:

Then why does Milo continue in the behavior? He stands to lose a lot of money and political clout ... or so he things.

Maybe the whole arrangement is a First Amendment gag from the outset, and Milo will one day announce he is abandoning the lifestyle, will get married, and have children.

By the way, this revelation is not unique with Yiannopoulos.

Ryan Sorba announced the same historical pattern at the Houston Stand4Truth Congress in October 2016:

Going into 2017. I anticipate that the whole LGBT movement will fall apart, just like the Soviet Union descended into chaos and dissipation in 1991.

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