Monday, December 12, 2016

ICYMI: Delaware Lawmaker Rescinded Sanctuary State Status for Illegal Aliens

California is edging closer to making itself a sanctuary state.

The Democratic supermajority in Sacramento wants to shield all "the immigrants" from deportation from the mean, nasty Trump Administration. They have already enacted a series of resolutions denouncing any attempts at enforcement of federal immigration law.

Let's see how long this actually lasts.

The Speaker of the State Assembly wants an apartheid state for illegal aliens, along with welfare princes and the public sector union elites. They get to make the rules, and the rest of have to play along and pay the price, even if we do nothing wrong.

They are stealing money from hard-working taxpayers to subsidize immigrant lawyers. County supervisors have declared their firm intentions to build walls around their own counties to protect the illegal aliens. Governor Brown wants to build a big wall around California to shield this state from the "overreach" of Washington.

That overreach is called enforcement. It's called the rule of law, something which Democratic machine politicians have resisted and hated with a passion.

Interestingly enough, however, other states flirted with declaring themselves a "sanctuary state."

Vermont seems to be headed that way, even with a Republican Governor. Who knows what Charlie Baker of Massachusetts is dreaming up. He wants to push away from Trump as much as possible.

But what about Delaware?

The First State is strangely a blue state, even though Pennsylvania to its north and Virginia to the south have remained steadily conservative--especially at a state level.

The Blue Dog coalition in the House of Representatives best represents the Delaware political temperament, fiscal conservative but socially liberal. Republican Congressman Mike Castle managed easy re-elections year after year stressing this fiscal moderation, until the very end when he caved on very bad bills.

The state has been a Democratic trifecta for the last six years.

Democrats are getting more aggressive liberal and partisan, reflecting the regressive leftists tendencies of the national Democratic Committee.

Lawmakers were toying with the idea of make the First State a sanctuary state for illegal aliens, too.

But ... the state senator who had hatched this despicable idea ended up backing away from it!

The Washington Times reports:

DOVER, Del. (AP) - A Democratic state senator running for Congress has withdrawn legislation that would have made Delaware a “sanctuary state.”

Sen. Bryan Townsend of Newark withdrew the legislation Thursday amid recent criticism following the arrest of Richard Diaz-Garcia on federal charges of heroin possession and illegal re-entry. Court documents show Diaz-Garcia has been deported to the Dominican Republic five times and twice convicted of illegal re-entry.

Brown Townsend is in the middle.
He doesn't deserve any award.

Two of the three counties in Delaware are fairly conservative/Republican leaning. No one wins anything there if they insist on brazenly violating federal law.

Here is the mugshot of the illegal alien:

Illegal immigration is never a victimless crime. The report of a repeat offender illegal alien was enough to shut down turning Delaware into a sanctuary state.

Would that the same revelation worked in California ...

Townsend’s bill prohibited police from detaining anyone solely on the basis of an immigration detainer or warrant after the person posted bond or was otherwise eligible to be released from custody on other charges, and from arresting or detaining a person solely based on citizenship or immigration status.

I wonder what the Delaware police forces thought of this rogue action? Why would any state lawmaker want to make it harder for the local police to do their job?

Townsend said he announced almost a year ago that the legislation would not move forward.

Yeah! How about it should never have been introduced in the first place!

FYI: he lost the bid of Congress. More good news!

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