Tuesday, December 13, 2016

SONSanDiego Follows Up on HR 3711: Chicano Park Bill is DEAD!

SONSanDiego sent me the following update, as he was not sure that the Chicano Preservation Act, introduced by Rep. Juan Vargas (D-El Centro) was in fact dead: 

I called the House Committee on Natural Resources and they forwarded me to the subcommittee on Federal Land Use to which the Chicano Park Preservation Act was assigned. 

The staff person confirmed that Arthur Shaper is, in fact, correct that the Bill is has to be re-introduced to the House in the next session will have to be approved by both the House and the Senate all over again.  I asked, if that doesn't mean the Bill is essentially dead at this time and he said, yes, that's right.

"Chicano Park needs to be a National Monument!"
(Even if La Raza hates this nation ...)


This is good news for several reasons. We the People can harangue our elected officials and demand that they respect the wishes of the people they represent, rather than  caving to special interests or hate groups like La Raza.

He said, they had been getting a lot of calls about the Chicano Park Bill.  I asked, "You have been getting a lot of calls?"  He replied, " Yes we've been getting a good number of calls, which is always good to see."  They apparently enjoy getting calls from enraged constituents. Haha.

They would not have to worry about the phone calls if they were not advancing laws which undermine our national character and sovereignty.

So, the Bill died in Congress.  Representative Vargas and the SDUT just declared a empty victory, because it had passed the House, even though it was going nowhere.

It is the most hollow of victories. The constituents in CD-51 should expect more from their Congressman than a bill with no chance of passage, but was merely intended as a headline an publicity stunt.

It was going to die anyway, I guess, but I think we probably made an impression on some of them regarding Chicano Park that maybe they won't forget.


More residents in the San Diego region and throughout the country need to know that section of an American city has been taken over by a rogue thuggocracy dedicated to rejecting United States sovereignty and reimposing a neo-pagan "country" in line with Mexico

Chicano Park is still on the National Register of Historic Places.  Maybe it would be possible to get their name scratched off that list as well.

I would like to see this step taken.

Chicano Park should not be recognized in any form.

The San Diego City Council should rename it Patriot Park!

The Chicanos were trying this year to get the building next door funded as a City Museum.  Some of us contacted the City Council last spring and I think had an impact on that.  The building that was the be the Chicano Park Museum is being remodeled now and the sign out front says "Bay Bridge Community Center."

It seems like Chicano Park is dying.   The generation of radicals that first occupied that land in 1970 is literally dying off.  Ramon "Chunky" Sanchez, who wrote the theme song, died just a couple of weeks ago. 

Any park, any public place in the United States needs to honor our country. If taxpayer dollars are paying for these spaces, then the due minimum for these locations should stress respect and honor for our institutions and our country.

A retired marine informed me that residents are not allowed to fly the American flag in Chicano Park. That is outrageous!

Chicano Park must be closed down or renamed "Patriot Park."

San Diego residents, citizens, and taxpayers should demand better from their elected officials.

Vargas loves to quote Scripture. Perhaps he should reread that passage about perfect love which casts out all fear. He should also reread the passage about honoring the governors above us, which includes respect for our laws.

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