Monday, December 19, 2016

Chicano Park, La Plaza Del Odio (Hatred Square)

Here is some info on Chicano Park, which appears to have just been posted.  What they usually don't say about Chicano Park is that the the murals promote fanatical anti-Americanism and the park is a center for political fanaticism.  Two cops were shot recently not far from Chicano Park, one killed.  I think the fanaticism that they teach there contributes to such things.

The article states that the Chicano's demanded a gathering place in the style of community centers in Mexican villages.  However, Mexican towns don't generally have squares that are are surrounded by indigeNazi bullcrap with a stage in the style of a temple where human sacrifice was performed. 

These are two typical towns in Sonora, Hermosillo and Guaymas not so far from here.  They have non-political, Spanish-style architecture and french gazebos.  Contrast this with Chicano Park, which they want to claim represents Mexico and our stupid politicians/media are actually helping them in their efforts, giving them our tax money.

Chicano-ism is a perverse, fanatical ideology of hate that was invented right here in the U.S., not in Mexico.  It does have some similarities to certain hateful political movements from Mexico, but not much to mainstream Mexican society.

They also get some support from Mexican politicians, who want to increase their influence in the US.  However, they are not trying to promote Mexican culture at Chicano Park.  They are promoting an invented, revolutionary, anti-American ideology there and then present that hateful propaganda as representative of Mexico and all Mexican-Americans. 

The worse part is they teach this crap in the schools in Chicano ethnic studies classes.  I would surely like to see Chicano Park gone (or changed).  But in a way, I feel that it is a useful tool for showing people what Chicano-ism and La Raza is really about and how complicit our Marxist politicians are with that.

--Roger  Ogden

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