Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Scenes from Hollywood Blvd: Merry Trump Christmas! "Rogue Won!"

We the People Rising know how to have a good time!

Donald Trump was not my first choice, but after the election and with everything that he is accomplishing, he is the best choice!

I am glad that he is President of the United States!

And yet, I have to take a step back and remember that he is only the President-Elect!


He has not yet taken the oath of office, and already America is Getting Great Again!

So, what better place to celebrate a Trump victory than right next to his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

I arrived at the corner of Hollywood and Highland Ave with enough time to spare.

Apparently, an artist already beat Trump supporters to the corner.

Check out this great poster: "Rogue Won!"

And here's another view with Santa Claus (actually, Wes Parker):

Ho Ho Ho! We the People Rising Had the Last Laugh!
The artists behind this great posters?

They were done by the street artist SABO, from a Breitbart report.

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