Tuesday, December 13, 2016

For Once, Chris Matthews Understood Trump's Rise and Victory

Chris Matthews is a liberal voice box. 

Maybe squeeze box is more accurate. He likes to gnash his teeth, raise his voice, bully his guests. 

When he invites Democrats and liberals onto his "Hardball" program, he strains to make them look good, and often asks them softball questions so they get away with their stupid ideologies.

But when Matthews knows that his people are losing, when he recognizes that liberals are not going to make it on Election Day, he starts to sound reasonable

Check out his remarks on the program:

Matthews shut down the arrogant, unbearable Rachel Maddow, the woman who looks like a man, and how despises anything remotely conservative and loves to trash Republicans every chance she gets on TV.

Matthews avoided personal attacks against Hillary Clinton.

He pointed out how the Hillary Clinton campaign offered nothing to voters, while Donald Trump spoke to issues which infuriated voters.

Surprisingly enough, Matthews slammed the numerous wars.

He voiced the frustration of many in the United States who are tired for illegal immigration.

They want secure borders. They want the rule of law.

In a stunning turn, Matthews explained the fraught political problems with illegal immigration:

1. The business class (Republican donors) want the cheap labor.
2. The Democrats want the votes.

But what about the rest of us? What about the men and women, legal residents, law-abiding citizens? Why won't our elected officials regard our concerns?

Matthews also talked about the epic hollowing-out industrial states. the same Rust Belt regions which voted for Donald Trump.


If only Matthews would channel this temperate populism more frequently, he  might improve his ratings. It's a cynical take on this about-face on Trump, but Mr. MSNBC Screwball might be sensing that his only chance at long-standing relevance in the media is stop spurning and shaming Middle America.

Talking heads like Matthews need to respect--not reject--the fears and concerns of all Americans, instead of lecturing them as bitter clingers who seek their guns and their Bibles.

By the way, Trump effused respect for our right to keep and bear arms. and he respects our faith and freedom, Biblical values affirmed for us in our legal and political culture.

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