Monday, December 5, 2016

Random Lengths News: Trump Wins! Deal With It!

Election 2016: The Obama-Pelosi-Reid-Clinton-Progressive Tyranny is over!

Trump is our new President!

Republicans will hold onto Congress, too: Triple Crown Victory!

I was not a Trump supporter early on. I thought he was a Democrat in Republican clothing. Today, I recognize him as the right man to be President.

He gained my trust following his outreach to the 50-state activist group “The Remembrance Project.” They represent the loved ones of those killed by illegal aliens, victims which the federal and state governments have forgotten. Trump received neither funding nor endorsements from this group, yet he connected with the leader of this organization—Maria Espinoza, whom I met while visiting Houston, Texas earlier this year. His rocksteady stance on immigration and hi  pro-individual, pro-nation platform are much-needed: secure the border, deport illegal aliens, put Americans first.

I admired his uncanny genius to troll the disgraceful, smear-driven media. The Clinton News Network (CNN), the Clearly Biased System (CBS) and MSNBC (Must Submit News Clearance to Clintons) bent over backwards to get Crooked Hillary elected. In the end, they got screwed:
Trump won!

And please, spare me the race card. Everywhere I go wearing my “Trump: Make America Great Again” shirt, people of all colors and backgrounds smile and agree—they welcome President-Elect Trump. He is the first candidate in over 30 years to express an unabated love for this country and all Americans--warts and all. That is not racism. It’s called patriotism.

The populist temperament of San Pedro, as well the working and middle-income classes of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania resonated with a candidate who cared about working people—all Americans. Granted, conservatives lost touch with these communities, but Trump reconnected Republicans to the backbone and bread-basket of America.

Donald Trump: "Random Lengths News? Very sad!"

And one more thing about the liberal media …

I am saddened by Random Lengths News’ wretched narrative portraying Trump as some “Alt-Right” fascist. Your journalism was always slanted, but for you to engage in such shoddy hack writing … well, it should come as no surprise, really. Progressives have always pushed racism, fascism, and pro-government cynicism from Wilson to Johnson to Obama. I see RLn going the way of Weekly World News, the New York Times, and CNN—Fake News that falls out of circulation, because who would want to subsidize brazen, baseless slander?

God Bless America.

God Bless Donald Trump!

As for the Progressive elitists and the press—“You’re Fired!”

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  1. I agree with you 100%. Let's make America great again!