Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Does California Have a Two-Party System Anymore?

Election night 2016: Republicans took a heavy drubbing in California.

They lost three Assembly seats and one state senate seat

Democrats regained their supermajority in both chambers of the state legislature. The state senate seat loss was particularly damaging, since the margin of loss was pretty close.

Taxpayers, homeowners, and law-abiding citizens will have to depend on absent or criminal Democratic legislators in order to have any chance of staving off tax increases.

It happened in the months leading up to Election 2014, then Republicans scooped up some seats to stave off the supermajority.

Then over the next two years, voters witnessed Republicans peeling away from the minority to join the Democratic majority on offensive legislation.

Voters have to pose the question--is there a two-party system in California? Do the Republicans really stand for anything, or stand together to do what is right for all Californians? Carl DeMaio (himself a wavering Republican if there ever was one) asked what the Republican Party stands for, and what those values are.

The truth is, it's really hard to tell when some Republicans cave on immigration, and other Republicans do whatever the unions or the big business interests tell them to. In case most voters are not aware, big business has no problem with tax increases. They don't individual voters and small businesses paying more taxes. It gets rid of the competition and puts all the pressure for infrastructure on someone else.

It is truly upsetting to see so many Republicans in Sacramento take a stand for the legal residents of our state. There are 38 million people in California. They obey the law, do they not? Don't they deserve to have representatives who ... represent us?

The two political parties are eroding in California.

We are seeing a pro-business flank and a pro-labor flank dominating Sacramento.

We the People are being forced out of the process, stuck with the bill of paying for these extravagant, wasteful promises.

Prop 14 is one culprit for this perversity. But let's not forget the power of Big Labor up and down the state. They look at the registration in a district. Whichever candidate has the advantage, they will shower millions on that candidate.

No matter who ends up in Sacramento, that candidate will vote to keep the taxpayer-funded gravy train flowing and rolling for the Big Labor bosses.

And on immigration.

The press and the loud, arrogant Illegal Alien, Big Business, La Raza lobby, in tandem with a corrupt press, will tell sob stories about the illegal alien youth just trying to flee gangs and death in their  homelands.

The stories which the newspapers refuse to report:

1. Americans who are pushed out of jobs because of the glut of cheap labor.

2. The Americans killed by illegal aliens, especially those deported multiple times.

3. The cost to taxpayers housing criminal illegals who have broken other laws.

4. The drain of illegal aliens on public resources, like education and health.

When will the press tell the whole story about "immigrants."

And the language issue itself exposes how corrupted the whole discussion has become.

Those who break into this country are not immigrants. They are illegal aliens. We must stop allowing the press, the government, and local businesses to tarnish the name of "immigrant,"

The residents of California are in real trouble on immigration.

The business wing wants the cheap labor, The Labor win wants the new membership.

Is there anyone in the state capital who cares about you and me?

There are a handful of conservative Republicans who will vote in line with the rule of law. They are a diligent minority, but a minority nonetheless.

And a minority of the minority is really ineffective.

If California does have a two party system, it's a system which works for limited interests, and not for the voters as a whole.

This is a huge problem, and helps explain why Republican voters meet freuent frustration with their elected officials.

Is there any way to change this unjust system?

Californians witnessed the entire country buck this unjust hustle.

There must be a way to cut through this mess for the rest of us. We the People are still a greater number than those who hold the levers of power (at this time).

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