Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Hey George Lopez, Since Trump Won--When Are You Leaving the United States?

George Lopez is a hard-core, hard-mouthed comedian. He headed a Hispanic-American sitcom on ABC at least a decade ago. Honestly, I found the program very condescending and even a little racist. The program was so dedicated to playing up all these awful Hispanic-Mexican-Latino stereotypes.

The opening credits depicted George and the rest of his family jumping around on a trampoline (not sure why). Later episodes focused on the older daughter's boyfriend issues. There were so many Chicano-racial overtones in the show.

Again, I thought it was kind of ... racist, and I am not Hispanic!

Now, over the past year, we have seen George Lopez' overtly racist side, too.

Check out his comments following Trump's decision to run for President in 2015:

“I’ve never taken him seriously, absolutely not,” he said. “Listen the one thing that he’s done that Latinos have not been able to do is get Latinos to unite against him.”

“You know, I believe that to make America great you need all people here. I don’t believe that targeting Mexicans as criminals and rapists is the answer. I don’t believe that building a wall is an answer.”

When the host asked him if he was familiar with the tweet Trump posted on Cinco de Mayo, Lopez said yes.

“I do follow Donald Trump on Twitter and I’m really hard on him to get him to block me,” he said. “And he will not block me and I’m going to continue to go hard on him.”

Now, Lopez was very familiar with that tweet, and he posted this response:

Hateful and spiteful.

Lopez also promised that he would leave the United States if Donald Trump was elected President.

Check out this report from The Daily Caller:

George Lopez thinks Donald Trump could be America’s next president, but only because there are enough racists in the country to vote for him.

Did you read that? Everyone who voted for Donald Trump is a racist bigot!

Including these people?

Or does Lopez think that these Americans are racist?

Clearly, Lopez is confused or a closet bigot himself.

When a reporter asked the 54-year-old actor if he would consider hosting “Celebrity Apprentice” because NBC reportedly wants its next host to be a minority, Lopez said Latinos are no longer a minority.

“You know how many Latinos are in the United States? I think you better check your stats,” Lopez said. “We’re the largest square majority.”

I am not so sure about that. Population demographics are incredibly fluid.

Lopez was born in California.

“Look I’m not Donald Trump’s secondhand citizen so I don’t think so. Those comments are vile in any civilized society, but there’s freedom of speech. I don’t particularly like what he’s saying, but there is a right to say that.”

What did Trump say that was particularly vile? How do Trump's comments compare to Lopez' hateful rhetoric?

“Immigrants come from all over the world, not just a hole in a fence in Mexico. I’m going to boycott his golf course, but like he cares. He has so much money.”

When asked if Trump could win the presidential election, Lopez said yes.

“There’s enough racists in this country for him to get elected.”

Before the election a whole host of Hollywood celebrities vowed to leave the United States if Donald Trump were elected President (see "These Are The Celebrities Who Vowed To Leave America If Trump Wins").  Hispanic comedian George Lopez even said that Trump “won’t have to worry about immigration” if he takes the White House because “we’ll all go back.”

While most celebrities have since clarified that they were just joking around, George Lopez seems to be the one stand out that may have actually been serious.  When recently asked whether he would give Trump a chance, George Lopez responded as follows:

“I’ll give him a chance to suck my ass.  Listen man, I’m in escrow so don’t worry about my residential status. I’m already in escrow, motherfucker. And I’m not going to tell you where I’m going to go because it will drive up real estate prices ’cause by the end of the year no one’s gonna wanna be here.”

“I’ve stopped eating Cheetos, too. Anything orange, I don’t want.”

While we respect George's decision to leave the U.S. and wouldn't dare try to convince him to stay, we do have just one small favor to ask...if possible, might you consider taking Lena Dunham with you?  As a perk, Dunham comes with a free ride in a Gulfstream V courtesy of Martin Shkreli.

And all I can say is ...


Celebrating Trump at George Lopez' star (right next to Donald's)

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