Sunday, January 1, 2017

California's Taxpayer Dollars at Work: Huntington Park High School Students Protest/Walk Out

November 8th was  a happy day for me, and for many concerned citizens across the country. We feared the worst, that Crooked Hillary Clinton would be the next President of the  United States. Open borders, brazen corruption, and prison for anyone who disagrees with her spoiled highness. It's been fun watching all of the left-wing social injustice warriors melt down over Hillary's loss and Donald Trump's victory. I intend to gloat for the next four years, and the next eight when Trump wins re-election.

Of course, not every protest and outrage over Trump's victory was uniquely entertaining. High school students across the country protested, cried, whined, and walked off of their campuses. The massive truancies which erupted around the state of California should alarm taxpayers across the state--what few are remaining.

Here are number of stories from one Google search alone.

The Huntington Park High School students staged protests and walk off of campuses. Mayor Graciela Ortiz, one of the four city councilmembers who approved the appointment of two illegal aliens to Huntington Park City Commissions, announced her gratitude to the students and the facutly for the "smooth and peaceful demonstrations" which followed the election of Donald Trump.

Check out this video log--vlog--from VictorVlogsTV:

The video is mostly a bunch of high school kids fooling around and causing trouble. Who knows what will happen in ten years, whether their prospective employers will care what they did (or did not do) online.

The first section of the video clip requires more attention.

Students at Huntington Park High School gathered right outside the school gates. They were chanting F--k Trump" and "Let us out!" Is this what we the people are paying for? What kind of example doers this service for our younger generation? Every time major events do not go their way, they are entitled to break the law without fear of consequence? That's right: for those unaware, truancy is a crime, for which students can receive a ticket.

This outburst of petty lawlessness was uite common to me when I was a teacher in South Gate TEN years ago. The United States Congress was debating an immigration enforcement bill. Part of the plan would include a wall. There were negative parts of the bill, too, like granting amnesty to one group of people in the country. I had no idea what I was stepping into when I became a teacher in Los Angeles Unified. The student body is so heavily politicized now. They are aggressively Democratic, in large measure due to their liberal teachers and the teacher's unions.

What's worse? Students are learning why they must hate Donald Trump at all costs. They are getting nothing but lies about our system of govenrment, about the true history between the United States and Mexico. They are learning hateful La Raza-type talking points, like "The Anglos" stole Mexican territory from the Mexican nation.

None of that is true.

Two major concerns which I have about the student protests and the walk-out which followed at Huntington Park.

1. Students walked off the campus in violation of state law, and the school administration permitted this walkout. This kind of behvior is all to common. Stdnets are learning the wrong lessons about political activism and the exercise of their First Amendment rights. If men and women want to protest they are welcome to do so, but not at the expense of the rights of others.

2. We the people, the taxpayers are paying for these government schools. Instead of educating students and holding them accountable for their bad behavior, they are permitted to conduct anti-government or political protests, with taxpayer dollars.

Why doesn't the federal government start cutting funding to government school districts if they foment and tolerate this lawlessness? How about that?! Donald Trump should not just cut the funding to cities which have enacted a sanctuary city policies, but the school districts, too!

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