Monday, July 3, 2017

Recall Josh Newman! Highlights from a Sunday Afternoon in Brea!

If not for the invitation of John Paul White, I would have never participated in the welcome and much-needed recall of sell-out state senator Josh Newman.

The stories that I heard about the militant Left trying to prevent our efforts was just unthinkable to me.

They were calling the police on the pro-recall forces. Some of them were standing in front of the table, lying to people not to sign the initiative to recall Newman.


Well, I had had enough of all that.

I joined a group of pro-California patriots outside of a Brea Wal-Mart.

And the Democratic operatives were not too pleased to see me.

Here's the false sign they put up to try and intimidate people from signing the recall initiative:

Get rid of the gas tax--and all other future gas taxes--by getting rid of Josh Newman and other liberal Democratic ilk in the state legislature.

Check out this creepy, aggressive lady. She was so busy trying to follow me around recording me on her camera. As if I would care!

This woman did not like the fact that she met her match--and then some:

"Don't sign the initiative! NO!!"

The woman above told me to stop recording her. I didn't. She threatened to call the police. She didn't, and I knew that she wouldn't.

It was great how I completely called her bluff!

That's they way to handle these left-wing bullies. Just call their bluff.

Here's the first Facebook Live video that I took outside of the Brea Wal-Mart:


Californians are not only angry, but with good leadership are determined to rollback the tax-and-spend insanity overwhelming their state legislature.

This creepy lady met her match when I confronted her.

She pretended to be nice and sweet, but then I took her down when she called our recall effort "immoral and fraudulent":

"You guys are a bunch of liars!"


"You mean you guys fight back now?!"

I confronted the young man below why he wanted to keep taxes high for poor and working people, including those in immigrant communities.

He refused to answer me.

The gas and car taxes are going to hurt working families the hardest, and yet he didn't care.

Another left-wing organizer was more willing to talk to me about issues.

Not only did I want to help get rid of Josh Newman, I wanted to confront young liberals and get them to see the manifold insanity.

One of the biggest lies I had to challenge rested on the premise that their efforts were "non-partisan."

Yet look at the flyers they were passing out to stop the signatures on the recall initiative.

Here is the front and back of the flyer:

But what about the funding? Who has been paying for these flyers?

Friends of Josh Newman? Does he still have friends after hiking the gas tax?

But wait. There's more to this "Friends of Josh Newman" talk:

Non-partisan, huh? I don't think so!

Over the course of two hours, we collected 15 more signatures.

I met the guy who stood up to Islam in San Diego Schools, Christopher Wyrick:

He was awesome.

He worked really hard to get signatures along with me and others, too!

Check out our final efforts to make the case to Brea and Orange County residents to Recall Newman!

Here's Christopher's family,  too!


A couple other highlights from my Sunday afternoon in Brea:

1. Most of people we spoke to had already signed the initiative.
2. At one time, the police did arrive, but only after Wal-Mart staffers feared that we were blocking the walkway into the store.
3. The liberal Newman supporters refused to explain to me why he supported sanctuary state legislation.
4. They also failed to explain why the state legislature chose to raise our gas and car taxes, when there is plenty of money to go around.
5. The pension crisis is weighing more heavily on voters' minds than before. Who is going to shore up the nearly $1 trillion pension liability?
6. The Democrats are getting scared. They know that Josh Newman is toast.

So much fun! So much winning!

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