Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Silvia "Diet Pills" Merlos: Vendida, Anti-Immigrant Brown (or White?) Supremacist

There is this one "blond" lady whom I see a great deal at the Huntignton Park and Cudahy city council meetings now.

Silvia "Diet Pills" Merlos

Her name is Silvia Merlos, but  call her "Diet Pills", since she joked about other people needing to take their pills. Really.

What a hack. What a fraud. What a shameful slob.

She is deadset on trying to stop everything that is good in this state and in this country.

She peddles lies.

She hates people who do not look like her.

And now she thinks that she can take the lead to stop We the People Rising and American Children First from repealing the UUT tax in Huntington Park. Essentially, Diet Pills wants the citizens of Huntington Park to pay more taxes.

What kind of selfish sellout is she?

Doesn't she care about the hard-working taxpaying citizens of Huntington Park?

No, she's just bitter because the message to end sanctuary cities in Los Angeles is catching more steam, and there's nothing she can do about it.

Check out her race-baiting against the lawful residents of Huntington Park:

ATTENTION: Residents of Huntington Park. Do NOT sign this petition that comes disguised as a "Tax-Initiative". Arthur Schaper & Joseph Turner both with connections to hate group/white supremacist groups that attack undocumented immigrants in our communities are now attacking our cities by trying to defund them. They are using two idiot HP residents (Daniel Salazar and Nick the Greek) to start the dirty work for them. DO NOT SIGN this petition. **PLEASE SHARE AND LET EVERYONE IN HUNTINGTON PARK KNOW ABOUT THESE TWO RESIDENTS WHO WANT TO SELL OUT OUR COMMUNITY!! If you live on Hope Street and one of these men looks like your neighbor, I guarantee you that it is. Ask him why he is selling out his community to white supremacists!!!

I have to ask: is she intending to threaten Nick the Greek and Daniel Salazar?

Those words sound like fighting words, that's for sure. What a hateful bigot she is.

Now she hates men and women who are Hispanic? 

Why does she hate immigrants, too?! Nick the Greek is the founder of Immigrants Day, and she is attakcing him!

She is a true vendida. She is selling out her own people--Americans, especially those fo Mexican descent.

She is anti-Immigrant, since she hates Nick the Greek because he is a proud American.

She is a Brow supremacist, she wants to push this "Brown Power" community narrative, which has no value. Or is she a white supremacist, since she has lighter skin than I do?

Not sure what to think, besides the fact that she is raving, desperate hatemonger--and she is falling right into our mission without realizing it!

Shame Shame on Silvia "Diet Pills" Merlos! Shame!

Tell her what you think!

Here is her Facebook profile -- send her a  message and tell her to stop her anti-American, anti-Immigrant hate!


  1. Everyone wants lower taxes but this ballot initiative is not the answer. Instead of helping the city fight crime, run programs, beautify the community, this initiative will do the opposite. Do you know what happens when a community hits rock bottom, residents will move to other communities. Look at Detroit. Taxes help fund fire and emergency services. With less tax revenue, Cudahy will lose deputies which will cause them to be more vulnerable. So much for you guys being Pro-Police.

  2. She's shaming RESIDENTS who make a decision to support something? "If you live on Hope street." Is she calling on people to bully and harass residents in a city she doesn't even live in? Despicable.

  3. Why wasn't she escorted out of council meeting in Huntington Park? She posted Facebook live footage of herself harassing Robin who was sitting quietly in front of her. She was outside chasing media with that ugly smile wanting to be on TV. She laughed at Antonio's stabbing. She made fun of Denise who was attacked by a mob just trying to get to her car safely at Cudahy. That bleach from that hair dye trying to be white has absorbed through her scalp and fried her brain.

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