Monday, July 3, 2017

Lyin' Ted Lieu Gets Owned ... on CNN!

Lyin' Ted got called out on CNN of all programs!

Yes, I know that they are the epitome of Fake News, but once in a while, they have some real journalism. or at least there is a break-through from one of the anchors to ask real questions:

Check this out from The Daily Caller:

CNN’s Brianna Keilar questioned the maturity of Democratic California Rep. Ted Lieu on Monday after he wore a “Trump Putin ’16” shirt during a Facebook Live broadcast.

Lieu called Trump’s tweets “highly disturbing” and “inappropriate” during a CNN interview Monday, but Keilar pointed out the apparent hypocrisy given Lieu’s own childish behavior on social media.

Yet Lyin' Ted is OK with acting like a fool--and lying on social media whenever he wants.

Shame on him.

“I checked out your Facebook Live from last week where you talked about the health care bill, and the thing that struck me was really what you were wearing,” Keilar said. “You’re wearing a ‘Trump Putin 2016’ shirt. And you’ve tweeted about the president, you’ve called him ‘dumb as a rock.'”

Hey, Lyin' Ted, both committees in the House and US Senate have concluded that there is no Trump-Russia conclusion.

How do you like that?!

“As you lob these criticisms at Donald Trump, is this the type of behavior that helps add to the maturity of discourse?” she asked.

Lyin' Ted and His Lyin' Shirt

Lieu argued that he uses the phrase “dumb as a rock” because Trump uses it, but Keilar wasn’t buying that line of reasoning.

“But that’s what [Trump] does,” she pushed back. “He says he’s quoting other people…he says, ‘I’m using someone else’s words.’ And you wore this t-shirt — can you speak to that for me?”

Lieu said he feels the t-shirt is “accurate” because Trump does not bring up Russian meddling in elections.

“He has this very strange and bizarre relationship with Russia,” Lieu argued.

Keilar still contended that Lieu wasn’t conducting himself in a mature manner.

Final Reflection

This is incredible!

What do you think of that?

Even Fake News CNN has to admit that Lyin' Ted is an immature fraud, and he has no business being in elected office!


  1. Wonder if CNN’s Brianna Keilar will get fired for this interview, as it does not fit into the "Leftist" agenda.

  2. When was the last time you guys had a decent congressman in the South Bay? I know that B1 Bob Dornan was there during the late 70s-early 80s but I'm sure you've had some Democrats who weren't total whackjobs like Lyin Ted!