Sunday, July 2, 2017

Progressive "The Robust Opposition" Gets OWNED By Trump Supporter Arthur Schaper


Lauren Steiner is her name.

Pushing progressive talking points is her game.

She is honest about the journalism fame she hopes to promote.

She is left of left, a big time Bernie supporter.

She hates corporatism--I think.

She wanted to stump this Trump supporter at the "Hands Off  Syria" rally.

What was interesting, though, is that some Democrats and Hillary supporters actually joined our side in support for the strategic strike against the Syrian airfield!

And yes, Lauren lost her cool in our interview, since I refused to let her get away with attacking me personally or advancing a strange narrative that US Senator  Orrin Hatch wanted Merrick Garland to replace Justice Antonin Scalia.

Here is my view of the interview below.

First, I made her apologize!

And here's the part where she got really angry!


  1. Lauren Steiner is a loser and should be impeached. Ops, journalists think they are above the law. Wonder how she would do in a debate with Ted Cruz? She seems confused at times, like all the time. Is this the best that the Left has?

  2. at least she's not as unhinged as that water buffalo on the Young Turds! LOL