Sunday, July 2, 2017

Travel Ban Reinstated! LA For Trump Celebrated at LAX

It was the busiest day for me.

First, I protested at Speaker Anthony Rendon's office, in support for the abortive single-payer bill getting pulled.

Then I tried to make some headway with the left-wing haters who want to ruin health care for all.

I visited the Cudahy City Council special meeting right afterward.

Edin Enamorado wasn't too thrilled to see me-- most likely because I schooled him like a BOSS on just about everything that had taken place the night before.

Then I went to Huntington Park to file my official government claim against the city of Huntington Park for wrongful removal then false arrest.

Finally, I went to down to LAX to celebrate the reinstate of President Trump's travel ban against six failed states in the Middle East.

Reminder, this is what We the People Rising had to face on January 29th, after the travel ban was initially executed:

Check out this video:


Then check out how hostile the rest of the anti-Trump crowd became!


What was there on June 27th!

My loud voice--later Harim!--and a smatter of anti-Trump losers!

There was almost no one from the LEFT!

But check us out!

Let our light shine!

To the fullest with a passion!

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