Sunday, July 2, 2017

Lyin' Ted Lieu on News Conference: So Much Lying

The sounds is not as strong as I had hoped it would be.

When I woke up this morning, I got to see Lyin' Ted Lieu-ser, my Congressman.

(Oh Brother).

Conan Nolan actually did push his buttons and press back against him for his vote.

Strangely enough, Nolan said that Kate Steinle was killed at Pier 39 in San Francisco.

FAIL: She was killed at Pier 14. Harim and I were there.

Of course, the interview went from bad to worse:

I cannot believe that Lyin' Ted would support:

1. Single-Payer socialized medicine.

2. Sanctuary state--outlaw state policies.

At least Conan Nolan called him out on calling Donald Trump "an evil man".

Lyin' Ted hid behind the "context" card.


We the People Rising and LA County for Trump had so much fun trolling his town hall in Redondo Beach.

He deserved nothing but shame and ridicule.

Shame on him!

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  1. Here's a higher quality version of the Lying Ted interview:

    LOL at NBC4 for naming their newsroom after that dinosaur Tom Brokaw, they probably named the bathrooms after Brian Williams