Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Keep Tweeting, Mr. President!

A neighbor came up to me yesterday morning

What do you think of President Trump's Tweets?" He asked me.

I told him I think they are great.

He is going around the media, relating his story, his narrative without the spin of the corrupt liberal press.

And we know that they are corrupt.

For the last six months, they have been beating the Russia drumbeat, but to no avail. What has it brought them? Nothing.

During the election, every corporate media head was determined to show that Donald Trump did not have a pathway to the nomination. He was behind by double digits in every major state, including the swing states that he was targeting beyond what Romney had done in 2012.

Instead of listening to the media, Trump went beyond, he passed them up, went right to the people. He talked about the issues that men and women cared about in Middle America, but also expounded on their hateful disregard for the lying media. After all, this media had been holding up President Barack Obama as a scion of virtue, all while telling people that the economic recovery was revving up for all people.

Donald Trump's Twitter Avatar

No it wasn't. A record 95 million were out of work. Even regressive leftist Robert Reich had to concede that millions of men and Millennials had all but given up looking for work.


The media was actively propping up Obama at all costs. We the People knew it, and Donald Trump gave us a voice to blast these corrupt talking heads and corporate frauds for lying to us.

I am so glad that Donald Trump is tweeting. I like that he calls Democrats crazy names and mocks them at very turn. That's what i want to see in a President.

Frankly, he has done more reporting of real news than the press!

For example:
The stock market is not only rallying, but everyone is benefitting.

Where is the mainstream media to report on this?

Nowhere. They were never interested in reporting the news. They wanted to serve as liberal activists to impose their worldview on everyone else.

Now, some of his tweets are controversial, and yes he intersperses personal attacks against others:
Maybe it's not nice, but I say "So what?"

The last thing that we need is more nice-nice. It isn't working.

I said as much to the Los Angeles Times, when they wrote a cover story about me:

This tweet really roiled the Left--and it has become Trump's most retweeted tweet!
If people think that this kind of behavior is not becoming of our commander-in-chief, then I have to ask them: "Where were you when Barack Obama called hard-working Americans bitter clingers to their guns and their Bibles?" Where were they when he demeaned his political opponents as backwards enemies of progress?

My neighbor was really surprised, but he agreed with me after thinking about it.

To everyone else who is still upset with Trump's tweets, I say this:

How would you react when insidious, corrupt media talking heads continually lied to you about what was going in this country? How would you feel if your chief of staff and executive secretaries could demonstrate to you that they press is routinely lying to the reading public about their agenda?

I am certain that you would not be too happy.

The President of the United States has accomplished more than Dinesh D'Souze had outlined yesterday:
He has done so much more, of course, but there is only so much that D'Souza could write in one Tweet.

Number 4 would be 4. Expose the corrupt media and bring them down.

Thank you so much for this act of good will, President Trump.

If it had not been for you, we would still be contending with the corrupt, Saul Alinksy-ite press, determined to shame people into silence and submission, accepting that they were all elitist frauds in bondage to "white privilege."

No! That is a lie. That is all wrong. We the People of the United States have no reason to feel shame because we are Americans, and we live in the greatest country on Earth. Rather than diminishing our glory to be more like other second-tier or third-world countries, more nations need to claim the God-given heritage of Jude-Christian values, and from there they can embrace the same glory, honor, and greatness.

President Trump tweets about the greatness of this country and its people!

I say to President Trump: Keep Tweeting!

Have a Happy July 4th, Everyone!

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