Thursday, July 6, 2017

Illinois Legislature Set to Override Governor's Veto UPDATE: Override Passes, Bankruptcy Looms

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner has nerves and backbone of steel.

He has resisted allowing the Democratically-controlled legislature to raising taxes and spending on Illinois residents, property owners, and businesses.

For three years in a row, the state of Illinois has operated without a budget.

Private vendors are pulling out of the state. Some vendors are going to wait 6 months before they get paid anything.

If a budget is not passed in the next week, then schools will close, and 911 responders will not get paid.

It will be total bedlam in Illinois, and the state's bond rating will go down to junk bond status.


Rauner stood his ground against the latest budget, which includes taxes and fees. The budget passed with Republican voters in both chambers.

Rauner vetoed it.

The Budget bills, specifically SB 6 and SB 9, passed in the state senate during an extraordinary session on July 4th! Independence Day, and the Illinois state senate convened to pass a bloated budget with more taxes and fees.

The Illinois Republican Party and the Governor are working hard to ensure that the General Assembly does not cave and override the veto. 15 Republicans had crossed over during the first vote.

Will they end up holding together against the governor of voting for the next budget? The minority leader Michael Unes has caved. will other members stand for what is right?


The General Assembly has voted to override the Governor's veto.

Illinois has a $36 billion budget with an increase in income and corporate taxes.

The end is coming, and some of the lawmakers actually think that this temporal staving-off of the inevitable will work out in the long-term.

NOPE. Not a chance. Watch the state's bond status decline in the next month or two as the state coffers still struggle for money to pay off the bills, especially the massive, unconscionable pension costs.

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