Thursday, July 6, 2017

We the People Confront, Then Scare Off Sanctuary City Council

The July 5, 2017 Huntington Park city council meeting was one of the most successful for We the People Rising, LA County for Trump, and every other patriot in the United States, specifically California, which is tired of arrogant Brown Supremacists pushing illegal immigration and promoting illegal aliens at the expense of American citizens.

The vast majority of Americans oppose sanctuary cities. More Americans of all backgrounds are fed up with disgusting "undocumented" politicians who love their careers more than they care about their country. Enough is enough.

As soon as I drove up to the city council, I noticed the same Brown Supremacists who had harassed women and children at the Fourth of July Celebration in Santa Ana, CA. I could not believe that those shameful hatemongers would show their faces in public.

Instead of being angry or fearful, I chose to mock them mercilessly. I also asked people watching my livefeed to start doxxing the Brown Supremacists who had disrupted the Fourth of July celebration in Santa Ana, CA.

There were far fewer of them--and far more of us, and even after we met to celebrate our event, more pro-Trump, pro-California patriots showed up to celebrate with us.

This time, the Huntington Park police department did not force us to sit in specific places in the chambers. All of us had the chance to speak.

In fact, there was no presentation before public comment, so all of us had our say at the outset.

Rudy Cruz denounced the high taxes and fees driving away hard-working yet poor residents in the city. One other lady asked for a permit.

The rest of the audience members denounced the city council for appointing two illegal aliens to city commissions, along with their abuse of our civil rights, including mine, since I was arrested for no good reason:

After two hours under lock and key in the Huntington Park jail cell, I got busy filing complaints and getting in touch with legal assistance. So far, the wheels of justice are turning for me.

They revved in to high gear at the Huntington Park City Council meeting on July 5th.

Check out the video below:

It is incredible to me how they city council still thinks that they can ignore the noise and upset of the pro-illegal members while picking on men and women of all backgrounds, who are calling out the corruption and lawlessness of Huntington Park.

It was an incredible thrill for me and the rest of We the People Rising when one of our members called out Mayor Marilyn Sanabria for her disregard for the rules of decorum. She lost control of the chambers, especially after she called me out of order just for standing and pointing at Edin for shouting out.

Later on, I listened to the video, I did hear her say "man in the red tie", but at the time it sounded as though she had said "man in the red hat", and she had called someone with a red hat out of order before.

The Huntington Park Police just stood still, dumbfounded to see the city council chambers erupt into chaos after the arbitrary rulings from the presiding officer:

Chanell Temple also witnessed the arbitrary rulings against us vs. the Brown Supremacists in the audience:

Check out the whole video to see what happened in Huntington Park, when We the People Rising witnessed the Huntington Park city council shut itself down for the first time in the city;s history--at least according to the residents who have lived there whom I know:

Sergeant Joseph Settles told me to sit down, but I refused. He had no right to even place me under arrest the last time, on June 6th. Now he's telling me to sit down, and the meeting was no longer in order!

The only thing left for the police officers to do was ... clear the room.

As all of us left the building, we noticed that the hatemongers who have often harassed were suddenly very sullen, then became very violent. Silvia "Diet Pills" Merlos started going after Robin, and Mike McGetrick had to protect himself as she leaned into him with his phone.

Brown Supremacists

The other Brown supremacists were fully exposed, and people watching all over the world began doxxing him. More information on these attackers will come forward very soon. Even though the Brown Supremacists followed all of us out to our cars, they were powerless and outnumbered.

We left in great peace and joy, having waged another victory against the lawless Huntington Park city council!

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