Thursday, July 6, 2017

BUSTED! Brown Supremacists Who Harassed Parents and Children EXPOSED

Here is the information that you need to know about the Brown Supremacists who attacked a booth in Santa Ana, CA during the July 4th Celebration at Centennial Regional Park.

First, here are the videos:

Now here's the rogues gallery of Brown Supremacists and hatemongers who harassed women and children and disrupted a Fourth of July Family event in Santa Ana:

She was shouting incessantly at me and other children. She tried to tell the parents to stay away from the booth where I was playing John Adams.

Does she have any limit on how creepy she can be?

Or devilish?

This woman works for Santa Ana Unified School District!

She should not be around children at all.

She had all these "Recall Pulido" signs next to her.

How blind and misinformed can she be?

I think "water buffalo" is more accurate. Vaughn called him a heifer.

4. RG Wong

She's wearing the black tank top, on the right.

She's a liberal regular from the South Bay, and she loves to flash lights in people's faces. She even has has a flashlight strapped to her head from time to time.

She ran into me at the Huntington Park City Council meeting, too.

She routinely harasses American citizens.

This man works in education, specifically with special ed students -- he announced this at a Cudahy city council meeting earlier this year.

Oh, and check out his Facebook profile:

And they say I need a mental health check up? Really?!

This woman is a silent protester usually, but I decided to call her out for associating with men and women who routinely harass children and their parents--especially at family gatherings!


Extra: J. Ramirez Baltazar

Check out how he hides behind the sign with the sun glasses.

Here they are, folks! Click on the hyperlinks with their names listed above, and let them know what you think of their hateful, abhorrent behavior at the July 4th Independence Day Celebration in Santa Ana!

Santa Ana City Manager:

20 Civic Center Plaza, 8th Floor
P.O. Box 1988, M31
Santa Ana, CA 92701
Phone: (714) 647-5200
Fax: (714) 647-6954

Santa Ana City Council


  1. They did such a great job! Let me see if I can secure some funding for them so they don't have to work like most people and can just do this full-time like you lazy bums!! Except they actually have morals and care about human beings!

  2. These protestors are the protectors of the city of Santa Ana. They care about their community and will fight against racist crooks like you and your party. They represent what it means to be an American and have more respect and dignity than any of you. Let's not forget who pulled the gun in Cudahy and who got arrested!! You people do not represent anyone in Santa Ana and have no business there to begin with. They were keeping our families and children safe by letting them know who you were! They did an outstanding job! Now knowing that you plan on inviting violence against them be sure to be prepared on what's going to happen next. You threaten one of us you threaten the whole village. We stand with them and will push back against the racism and discriminatory lashes you throw our way!!

  3. Lol, you FKN idiots get what you deserve...these same people who you think are helping you, are the ones keeping you are nothing but cattle to these people, ask yourselves...what have they actually done to make YOUR life better...idiots like all of you put these people in office simply because they look just like you, make a difference, get involved, call em out on their crap...and you'll see how fast they turn on you...remember, get acquainted with the SMITH ACT...they will not be around much longer, guarantee you that, they're getting shipped out !!!

  4. So let me get this straight Pendejos anonymous people with your ignorant comments! There is always a place an time to do things! This was not one of them! You can bet your asses we are gonna complain to the school board where you work! Opposing Sanctuary cities is not racist pendejos. You need to look up the definition! These people should not be here they are illegal period! We are patriots taking our country and cities back bitches and you can bet we are NOT going away!! as a matter of fact we are growing!!