Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Full Spate of La Raza Hate on Display in Cudahy City Council Meeting

The vast majority of voters in the United States recognized the looming threat that a Hillary Clinton presidency would pose—and impose—on all of them.

She was creepy, crappy, corrupt, crooked.

The media would promote her campaign to the utmost, even though she could only drawn in 100 to 200 voters to her events.

Trump’s rallies brought in thousands, if not tens of thousands.

Hillary Clinton was the culmination of elitist, globalist, Beltway tyranny all the way.

And We the People said “Hill No!”

The biggest reason why I rejected Crooked Hillary?

Immigration. No doubt she was going to finish the de facto amnesty job which President Obama had started.

The DREAMers dreams would come true, while the real nightmare of overrun borders and rampant lawlessness would consume everyone else. The United States would descend into third world poverty, corruption, and economic stagnation.

But the worst case scenario was not to be.

Yet here in California, the La Raza rage continues.

The California state leaders and Democratic supermajority holds sway, and they are not interested in giving an inch. With the new Chief Lawlessness Enforcement Officer Xavier Beccera standing in as the new attorney general—yes, the same Downtown LA Congressman who has pulled every string to protect illegal aliens and advance a robust, unfettered.

California won’t last long against a federal onslaught.

California won’t withstand the loss of billions in federal funding cut from local and state coffers.

But the hardest of hard-core activists aren’t giving up. These are the DREAMers in large part whom many feel guilty about deporting.


Let’s state the facts clearly.

They really think that the California Democratic Party will fight to the end, and go down with all flags flying to protect illegal aliens within a Golden Sanctuary State.

They will likely be disappointed, just as amnesty panderers sat out Election 2014 because Barack Obama routinely ignored their pleas and refused to usher in any comprehensive immigration reform. After all, his first two years in Congress he had commensurate control over Congress and could have pushed something through to deal with the 11 million illegal aliens living in the United States.

Obama did nothing, and California will do very little in the face of Washington pressure.

Of course, La Raza activists don’t care.

If you want to see the full panoply of racism, left-wing indoctrination, and outright hatred for the United States—with Fake News distortions and misunderstandings covering the whole mess—consider these video clips of pro-sanctuary, anti-Trump comments from residents in Cudahy, CA:

Let’s start with these remarks.

This teacher from a local Cudahy, CA school claimed that I am spouting hate. I just oppose sanctuary cities, which endanger all lives and undermine the rule of law in our country.

This same teacher would publicly shame the one councilman who did not vote for sanctuary status (although he worked with Washington lawmakers to reform legal immigration.

Listen to the above video a second time, and you will hear her call a Harvard and Stanford educated Accountant and City Councilman, who grew up in Cudahy—a “sellout”
SHAMEFUL! They despise and shame their own ethnic kin!

Notice these disgusting remarks from a younger La Raza activist:

He called American ancestors “wet backs” and the American Revolutionaries “tax cheats”.

For the record, I have never called anyone “wetbacks”. Of course, this young radical claimed that Americans of European descent stole land from native Americans. One problem: I am a native American, because I was born in Torrance, CA.

He also claimed other crazy whoppers, like “English originated in Northwest Germany.”

Uh … no it didn’t.

This man was insane with his repetitions, as he continued to label me “European” then he told me “Go back to Europe.” Now that is racist.

In the second part of the video, a Trump supporter (a legal immigrant from Hungary), reminded the audience that the true founders of the Ku Klux Klan were Democrats:

By the way, that was the second time that someone told me “Go back to Europe.”

Racism, much?

But the most shocking display of La Raza hatred came out of the mouth of Joseph Moreno, a 12-year old boy:
Facebook: Toll Free IE: Stop Gov Electricity: https://www.face...

This display was sickening. He literally labeled people of Hispanic and African descent “white supremacists.” He then shamed the only adult on the city council. Listening to some of the officious rhetoric, it’s not surprising why 18-22 year old become violent toward America and promote La Raza and La Reconquista, too. The bitter arrogance of a little child mocking an adult in the audience was unbearable.

But will become the officious norm if nothing is done to stop this abuse of young minds to believe hateful lies.

Now, who indoctrinates these young people to believe such hateful lies?

Teachers like this woman, also known as Jacqueline Cardona:

She talks about not building walls, but she must have a door for her home and walls for her classroom, right?

This kind of ethno-centric racism is endemic in LA-area schools. Believe it.

I will leave you with one last video: Roman Gonzalez.

He is a Downey resident, but grew up in Cudahy. He served our country. He is a veteran.

But to listen to the crowd mock him and shout him down, especially when quoting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., was truly disgraceful:

I could not believe the disrespect shown to a retired military officer.


Most Americans believed that they dodged a bullet when Donald Trump became the next President of the United States. The truth is, we dodged a suicide bomber.

And to anyone who is reading this article and has watched the videos above, I urge you to call Immigration Customs and Enforce immediately and demand full enforcement of the United States’ immigration. This kind of fomenting hatred will not stay in one place, but metastasize like a cancer if nothing is done.

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