Sunday, March 5, 2017

#OCWeakly Hates Pro-America Mexican-Americans: WHY?!

I kid you not.

Now OC Weakly is attacking other Mexican-American.

Because they are Americans.

This is a sickness with the alternative media. Nobody reads them, and now they are alienating the very people they claim to represent.


Check out the title below:

What the Hell is Self-Hating Mexican Raymond Herrera Doing in Huntington Beach?

Anyone who has covered the anti-immigrant movement in Southern California ...


The movement to stop illegal immigration is not anti-immigrant.

We support LEGAL immigration.

Of course, Gustavo does not understand the difference. No surpise, since half the things that they write are border-line libel anyway.

 knows exactly who Raymond Herrera is. He is a manifestation of that old Sesame Street song, "One of These Things (Is Not Like the Other)"—in a sea of old, white faces, Herrera is the guy with the porcine face, big ears, and disgusting nose hair who looks like he fell off the Oaxacan turnip truck, so damn prieto he is. As if to make up for his dark skin, Herrera is frequently the nastiest of an already nasty group, braying and screaming at counter-protestors with the glee of Uncle Ruckus.

"Oaxacan"? Who is the self-loathing Mexican? Sounds like Gustavo!

Herrera has made many appearances in Orange County over the past decade, usually teaming up with the late, not-great Barbara Coe of California Coalition for Immigration Reform infamy. But all of a sudden, Herrera has been popping up in Coe's old stomping grounds of Huntington Beach to team up with local haters. 

To find local haters, go to #OCWeekly Office. Lots of haters there.

“I don’t work for the president,” Handy responded. “I work for the mayor, the City Council and the people of Huntington Beach.” BOOM

Herrera snarled to Peterson that he's coming back to HB, whatever that means. In the meanwhile, he's looking to raise $20,000 to take him to DC. He started the campaign two weeks ago; as of this writing, he's raised $75.

The best dossier on Herrera remains a 2009 San Bernardino Sun article in which he openly professes that white makes right. "Our society, America, is an Anglo Protestant core-cultured society," he told the newspaper. "Everything that you do is the end result of the Anglo Protestant way of life."

How right I am.

Arellano hates Anglos, and he hates Mexican-Americans.

Here's more anti-Mexi-American hate. Click here.

Guess who makes the bottom of the list?

Our very own racist Gustavo!

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