Sunday, March 5, 2017

Doom for Democrats: Republicans Have a Chance for Pick-Up in Deep Blue Philadelphia

It has gone from bad to worse for the Democratic Party all over the country.

The Keystone State was reliably Democratic for 30 years.

Republicans targeted the state for the past three election cycles, but to no avail.

Then came Donald Trump, and he wiped out the Democratic dominance in the state like a wrecking ball.

Election Night, 2016 was an incredible night for Republicans.

Especially in Pennsylvania, where they expanded their numbers in the state legislature, and the first Republican in a decade won re-election to the United States Senate.

Pat Toomey has been a stellar conservatives, too, voting against illegal immigration and sanctuary cities while pushing the state further out of private citizens' lives.

As for Democrats, they have suffered one staggering defeat after another, and it is very likely that the very liberal Governor Tom Wolf will be out of job in 2018, too.

And now it's gone from bad to worse at the local level for Democrats, too.

In 2015, Republican Martine White won an assembly district in South Philadelphia, which had not been represented by a Republican in over twenty years.

And then I received this eblast:

Republican Party of Pennsylvania
"HD-197: No Dem Candidate on Special Election Ballot, Court Rules", 3/3/2017
Arthur --
Today, the Commonwealth Court ruled that no Democrat will appear on the ballot for the March 21st Special Election in one of the bluest State House districts in Pennsylvania.
Democrats couldn't find a qualified candidate who lived in the north Philadelphia district to fill Democrat Leslie Acosta's State House seat after she resigned and pled guilty to money laundering.
We now have an opportunity to shock Philadelphia's Democratic machine because of their sheer incompetence and corruption.
Two years ago, Democrats laughed at us when our party competed in and won a Special Election for State House in Philadelphia. Let's do it again!
Here's how you can help:
  1. Contribute $18 (just $1/day until the Special Election) to help fund our efforts.
  2. Sign up to volunteer to help get-out-the-vote.
Make no mistake, this race will be an uphill battle due to the Democrat's voter registration advantage; however, I ran for Chairman on the promise that we would compete everywhere, every election.
Thank you,

Val DiGiorgio

Democrats in the Philadelphia region take to corruption like a moth to the flames.

And the both get burned!

Chattah Fatak was forced out of office last year following numerous corruption scandals.

Now Democrats can't find reliable candidates for deeply Democratic districts anymore!


Here's the full report from Politics PA:

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